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Audi of America
Booth Number: 315
Exhibitor Website: http://www.audiusa.com/us/brand/en.html

 Awarded the 2010 Green Car of the Year, the Audi A3 TDI achieves 50% better fuel economy than a comparable gasoline engine. And, with an estimated 42 MPG (highway), the A3 TDI ranks first among all luxury cars sold in the U.S. Audi is proud to be the recipient of this prestigious award which recognizes the industry benchmark for environmental innovation. Visit audiusa.com for more information.

Enterprise Holdings
Booth Number:
Exhibitor Website: http://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/home.do

Enterprise is an extended family of more than 65,000; a world-class company with homegrown roots. Through tremendous leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, we've built the largest rental car company in North America — customer by customer, car by car from the ground up. But our goal has never been to be the biggest; we simply work hard to be the best.

A Taste of Life, LLC
Booth Number: 529
Exhibitor Website: http://atasteoflifellc.com/

Visit us at booth #529

A+ Advanced Tinting
Booth Number: 370
Exhibitor Website: http://aadvancedtinting.com/

We provide both commercial and residential glass tinting. Servicing the Riverside County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Contra Costa County, and Ventura County, Lancaster and Palmdale; A+Advanced Titing has completed installations.

A-Pduct Select
Booth Number: 277
Exhibitor Website: http://allhealthseekers.com/

All Health Seekers is a USA based company dedicated to provide the highest quality, advanced ion cell cleanse unit. We offer experienced staff, outstanding customer support services and technical information. Research continues to reveal toxicity buildup in the body as the most prevalent reason of widespread degeneration of human health. Our society is experiencing an evolution in the science and awareness of detoxification.

Booth Number: 412
Exhibitor Website: http://aarbur.com/

Aarbur was established in 1987 as a 100% export - oriented unit specialising in the manufacture of jute bags. With over 40 years in the business, today it has established itself as the premier manufacturer and exporter of jute bags from India. Last year, the firm exported 1.2 million shopping bags to the United States, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, among other countries. With increased production capacities, the firm has set itself an export target of 2.00 million bags this year.

Alderwood Retreat
Booth Number: 541
Exhibitor Website: http://alderwoodretreat.com/

Alderwood Retreat is a family-owned & operated eco-lodge located on Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska. We are committed to sustainability, utilizing hydropower to supply 100% of our electricity, composting all kitchen waste for use in our organic garden, implementing a strong recycling program, & using only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. It is our great pleasure to lead our guests in low-impact activities such as guided hiking / kayaking, photography excursions, marine tours, & more. It is our mission to educate our guests about this pristine wilderness & its wildlife, and to inspire them to continue making changes in their personal lives that will ensure the preservation of our wild places

Aliso Electric
Booth Number: 135
Exhibitor Website: http://alisoelectric.net/

 A leading electrical and data contractor handling residential commercial, multi-family and hotel projects, is a full-service family owned and operated company founded in 1997. Serving Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties with multimillion dollar contracts and humanitarian efforts, Aliso continually demonstrates its extensive experience successfully merging its strong planning skills and industry-leading technicians with critical schedules and budgets. Operating with separate construction, technology and residential divisions. Aliso takes pride in all projects to meet above and beyond what is expected.

All-Ett Thinnest Wallet
Booth Number: 415
Exhibitor Website: http://www.all-ett.com

"The World's Thinnest Green Wallets" are made in the USA by ALL-ETT Billfolds Inc. ALL-ETT EcoThin wallets are made of recycled plastic bottles. Switch from your uncomfortable, bulky wallet to a sleek, eco-friendly wallet that offers comfort like you wouldn't believe! Check us out at www.ThinnestWallet.com!

Allied Business School
Booth Number: 161
Exhibitor Website: http://training4green.com/

People today are aware of how to be "green" – we've recycled for years, bought hybrid cars and inserted energy-efficient light bulbs throughout our homes. Organic products are available at the grocery store and Energy-Star rated appliances are the norm, but are we really doing all that we can? The bigger "green" picture is real change… renewable energy sources, energy management systems and green building products. Start green training today and become part of the green economy!

Booth Number: 114
Exhibitor Website: http://amberix.com/

Amberix™ is a simulation and optimization software tool that enables architects, contractors, and property owners to design energy efficient buildings and dramatically reduce the energy operating expenses of the buildings. The ultimate goal of Amberix software is to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 35 percent, reduce USA dependency on foreign oil imports, and reduce greenhouse emissions.

American Laser Centers
Booth Number: 648
Exhibitor Website: http://www.americanlaser.com/

Laser Hair Removal, cellulite treatment, and skin rejuvenation therapies are constantly being improved by new technologies and research. Keeping up with the newest and most effective laser hair removal & skin rejuvenation technologies is beyond the resources of most small practitioners. That's not the case at American Laser Centers. At American Laser Centers, we believe that our patients deserve the safest, fastest and most effective laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, & cellulite treatment available. That's why we are always investing in new technologies, and why our medical advisory team is constantly evaluating new therapies and procedures to ensure the best results and best value for our patients. Our medical advisory team is frequently evaluating new laser hair removal & skin rejuvenation technologies even before they become available for purchase thanks to our size and relationships with manufacturers and researchers.

Americraft / Kitchencraft
Booth Number: 121
Exhibitor Website: http://www.americraftcookware.com/

The Kitchen Craft brand has recently joined the Americraft manufacturing company who is arguably the most trustworthy cookware manufacturer in America. With a passion for cooking, our mission is to encourage nutritional health, preserve the environment and to support the U.S. economy. Americraft’s waterless cooking technique allows food to be prepared and enjoyed at its best—without the need for oils and fats. Authentic and naturally delicious - this reverence for the integrity of the food is integral to living healthy lifestyles.

Amped Bikes
Booth Number: 308
Exhibitor Website: http://ampedbikes.com/

Our electric instant start pedal assist e-bike kits can be installed on any bicycle by replacing the front or rear wheel with our 36V 500W brushless electric hub. Ampedbikes™ kits can be retrofitted to any bicycle type: road, recumbent, tandem, folding, mountain, cruisers and comfort bikes in an hour. AmpedBikes™ make good “Green” sense and they're also fun to ride!

Angeles Chapter Sierra Club
Booth Number: 227
Exhibitor Website: http://www.angeles.sierraclub.org

The Sierra Club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club spans Los Angeles and Orange Counties to protect communities, wild places, and the planet itself. Environmental issues start in our backyard. From history-making land preservation to adventurous outings and unprecedented “get out the vote” campaigns, our activists prove their boundless energy, determination and passion to make a difference. With 45,000 members, the Angeles Chapter excels at protecting, preserving, enjoying and exploring our planet. To learn more about the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, visit our website at www.angeles.sierraclub.org.

Angels for Animals by Heaven to Home
Booth Number: 567
Exhibitor Website: http://heaventohome.net/

Angels for Animals by Heaven to Home is a unique collection of inspiring soy candles and fragrance diffusers. Angels for Animals donates a portion of proceed to animal welfare. "Angels for Animals, the gift that gives back" 

Animal Behavior College
Booth Number: 667
Exhibitor Website: http://www.animalbehaviorcollege.com/

ABC was founded in 1998 by Mr. Steven Appelbaum. At that time, Mr. Appelbaum was the owner and President of Animal Behavior & Training Associates, Inc., (ABTA), the largest independent dog training company in the United States. Over the previous decade, Mr. Appelbaum had created a unique company by securing exclusive agreements to provide dog obedience training classes in all Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. (Petco) stores in the United States and Canadian Petcetera Warehouse (Petcetera) stores in Canada. This was no easy task, but it nevertheless resulted in ABTA, at its peak, employing over 500 trainers in forty-four states and every Canadian province west of Quebec.

Booth Number: 427
Exhibitor Website: http://aquafreetoothbrush.com/

Aquafree toothbrushes have replaceable cartridges in the brush handle that contain our specially formulated liquid toothpaste. This liquid toothpaste cleans 35% better than regular pastes or gels and does not require any water for rinsing! Our toothbrushes are also designed with a one of a kind pump system that draws toothpaste from the cartridge into the bristles by a touch of a button and is battery FREE.

Avanti Pools
Booth Number: 221
Exhibitor Website: http://www.avantipoolsandspas.com/

We want to help you make an educated decision when selecting us as your pool builder. You see, not all pools and pool builders are alike. At Avanti we believe that regardless of the size of the project, you deserve the highest quality and value for your money. Rest assured that our experience will give you peace of mind and confidence that you've made the right choice for yourself and your family.

B & B Eco Products
Booth Number: 335
Exhibitor Website: http://bbecoproducts.com/

B&B Eco Products, LLC is a small import company that sells a unique design of a low flow showerhead imported from Oslo, Norway, designed to conserve water and still provide a “satisfying” shower.

Barbar Hair Tools
Booth Number: 352
Exhibitor Website: http://barbarhairtools.com/

BARBAR is a high-end hair care product company that caters to the hairstylist and everyday consumer looking for the best quality in haircare for the best price. Always on the cutting edge, BARBAR continues to strive in its forward thinking of eco-friendly, highly efficient hair tools.

Bee Gorgeous Organics
Booth Number: 354
Exhibitor Website: http://beegorgeousorganics.com/

At Bee Gorgeous Organics we believe in only using the most gentle natural ingredients to make the finest cleansing and moisturizing products.

Best Buy
Booth Number: 157
Exhibitor Website: http://www.BestBuy.com

With operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, China and Mexico, Best Buy is a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services with a commitment to growth and innovation. The Best Buy family of brands and partnerships collectively generates more than $45 billion in annual revenue and includes brands such as Best Buy; Audiovisions; The Carphone Warehouse; Future Shop; Geek Squad, Jiangsu Five Star; Magnolia Audio Video; Napster; Pacific Sales; The Phone House; and Speakeasy. Approximately 155,000 employees apply their talents to help bring the benefits of these brands to life for customers through retail locations, multiple call centers and Web sites, in-home solutions, product delivery and activities in its communities. Community partnership is central to the way business is done at Best Buy. In fiscal 2009, Best Buy donated a combined $33.4 million to improve the vitality of the communities where its employees and customers live and work. For more information about Best Buy, visit www.bestbuy.com.

Best Coast Development
Booth Number: 151
Exhibitor Website: http://bestcoastdevelopment.com/

Best Coast Development, Inc. is a full service general contracting company for all your home improvement and remodeling needs.

Client satisfaction is our mission.

Better World Club
Booth Number: 308
Exhibitor Website: http://www.BetterWorldClub.com

Better World Club is the nation's only environmentally friendly auto club providing nationwide roadside assistance for your car, RV, motorcycle or bicycle, travel discounts, and maps — and we support your environmental agenda.

Bgreen Apparel
Booth Number: 325
Exhibitor Website: http://bgreenapparel.com/

bgreen’s certified organic cotton garments are made with your comfort and our planet in mind. Made in the USA, our designs are simple yet bold, soft yet durable. Our classic creations in playful prints and colorful options provide fresh looks for your active lifestyle. Healthy for the environment, perfect for your body—a beautiful and smart choice for the entire family.

BioPro Technology
Booth Number: 429
Exhibitor Website: http://www.emfprotect.info

BIOPRO Technology is an energy design company. By utilizing the fascinating field of Bioenergetics, our company’s mission of enhancing the overall quality of life worldwide is being realized. Through the vision and voices of the corporate team, the independent consultants and our customers, we truly are “elevating” the energetic state of processes and people across the globe. Our products are designed to improve health and well being while reducing physical stress and environmental assaults on the body. The exclusive Breakthrough Personal Development Program enhances and accelerates our individual and collective personal growth. Last but not least, the BIOPRO Pay Plan offers people an opportunity to create financial “energy” and supplement their income in life-changing ways.

BioTivia LLC
Booth Number: 436
Exhibitor Website: http://www.biotivia.com

After 18 years of manufacturing raw materials and botanical extracts for the food, medical and supplement industries Biotivia entered the finished products arena for one reason. To design products that fit the space between generic vitamins and nutrients which are safe but only marginally effective, and prescription pharmaceuticals which are often effective but come with frequently serious adverse effects and high cost.

BlackWing Farms
Booth Number: 663
Exhibitor Website: http://www.blackwingfarms.com/

Flower Essences balance, maintain, and repair emotional and mental health. Essences address current crises and, equally as important, the past – replacing old, negative memories with healthy, positive thoughts and actions. Effects on the animals’ future behavior include giving them the opportunity to learn, and to accept, co-operate with, and trust human intervention and companionship. Essences address and treat the cause of the problem, helping the animal mentally and emotionally overcome even the most stubborn issues permanently. Phobias, fears, and compulsive behaviors are dissolved. Animals branded incorrigible and dangerous are now gentle and trustworthy. Hundreds of BlackWing Farms’ SHELTER BLEND bottles were taken to the Gulf Region post-Katrina. When Hurricane Rita struck, these Essences were put in all the waters and sprayed throughout the barn at Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales, LA. We had the quietest, calmest barn full of 250 rescued dogs, and 5 volunteers asleep on FEMA cots. YES, WE SLEPT THROUGH A HURRICANE! Flower Essences can be incredibly effective in our everyday lives. BlackWing Farms’ Remedies have helped 15 different species overcome problems such as neurotic behaviors, stress, training troubles, grief, separation anxiety, and calmly adjusting to life’s challenges.

Blue Hen Restaurant
Booth Number: 631
Exhibitor Website: http://eatatbluehen.com/

Blue Hen supports local farms and organic farming principles. We buy from local farmers and organic suppliers whenever possible.


BottleRock LA
Booth Number: 533
Exhibitor Website: http://www.bottlerock.net/

BottleRock is Located at 1050 S. Flower Street, Suite 167 (entrance on 11th between Hope Street and Flower Street) in Los Angeles ( 2 blocks from Staples Arena). BottleRock Downtown LA is interwoven with organic elements such as green tones, tree trunk tables, and counter tops embedded with recycled wine and beer bottles. Housed inside the gorgeous new Metropolitan Lofts on 11th between Hope and Flower, BottleRock will boast a wine list of close to 1,000 selections, an extensive beer list including a dozen different microbrews on tap, and a full open-air kitchen manned by Executive Chef Jared Levy. With over 4,000 square-feet of space designed by Ernie Roth of Roth Interiors, the new space is located at a prime location just steps away from the Staples Center the new L.A. Live and the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Building Doctors
Booth Number: 212
Exhibitor Website: http://thebuildingdoctors.com

Building Doctors is a licensed California general contractor (CLSB# 932241) specializing in home performance testing (so much more than just an energy audit) and energy efficiency retrofitting. We are helping Southern California residents increase the energy efficiency, comfort and overall health of their homes. We offer a complete energy efficiency prescription with our “Whole Home Performance Check Up” using building science and state of the art detection equipment. The Building Doctors will design a treatment plan to prioritize each of the homeowner’s needs and goals while increasing the home’s overall energy efficiency and decreasing their heating and cooling costs anywhere from 20-50%. If you want to make your home more comfortable and start saving on your utility bills, contact The Building Doctors to schedule your “Whole Home Performance Check Up” today.

Booth Number: 113
Exhibitor Website: http://www.buygreen.com/

All of the green earth products you need are available at BuyGreen.com. You will find eco friendly clothing, including bamboo clothing, green home environmental products including natural organic products and solar powered lights, just to name a few. Commercial buyers also have a wide selection of products from environmentally friendly bags for retailers to recycled paper product as examples. Please explore the incredible selection and for more information on our Green Standards.

Caerus & Muse
Booth Number: 437
Exhibitor Website: http://caerusandmuse.com/

Caerus & Muse is the world's premier leader of innovative fashion. The name, inspired from Greek Mythology, represents the perfect harmony when a dash of artisitic inspiration meets a stroke of good luck and opportunity. We aim to transform the conventional wisdom of fashion and introduce it to a better suit the new world's tase. The customer is the nucleaus for all business strategies considered, this every strategy executed by Caerus & Muse takes into account top-of-the-line quality materials, affordable pricing, and outstanding customer service.


California Deluxe Windows
Booth Number: 225
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cdwindows.com/

At California Deluxe Windows, we are committed to offering you windows and doors with the finest craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, backed by the strongest warranty in the business. Today's performance requirements for vinyl windows and doors are tougher than ever within the fenestration (door and window) industry. As a manufacturer, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facility and the-cutting edge technologies that we ve engineered into each of our products. The proof is in the details; the parts we use in each of our designs carry the highest ratings in their class.

California Green Designs
Booth Number: 210
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ca-green.com

From huge scale industrial installations to aesthetically pleasing residential systems, California Green Designs is an industrial leader in all forms solar energy systems. We are constantly reviewing new technologies, resources, and available financial incentives, in order to provide our clients with the leading edge in our industry.

California Solar Innovations
Booth Number: 160
Exhibitor Website: http://csigreenliving.com

California Solar Innovations (CSI) is located in the epicenter for "green" awareness, San Diego California. It is our mission to provide to the general public, for the first time ever, wholesale prices for quality Solar Power Systems. California Solar Innovations is leading the charge in the search for renewable energy by making Solar Power a real option for every homeowner. With strong government backing and heavy rebate incentives for Solar programs, there has never been a better time to add value to your home and become less dependent on fossil fuels.

Cancer Control Society
Booth Number: 460
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/

CCS President Frank Cousineau and Vice President Charles Wintner co-host the Annual Cancer Control Society Convention, introducing 50 speakers over a three day period and moderating a Doctors' Symposium on day four. Throughout the year, the Cancer Control Society distributes literature, books and videos on everything in Alternative Medicine from amygdalin to zinc. Lorraine Rosenthal, the organization's Co-Founder, answers many calls each day, giving direction and hope to those in need. She also attends many other conventions and public events throughout the year, distributing information on CCS and the latest findings in Alternative Therapies. CCS also publishes its Green Sheet, a directory of doctors practicing Alternative Medicine, and its Patient Sheet, a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of patients who say they were controlled by Alternative Therapies. You are invited to call any of them. The Cancer Control Society is a non-profit organization, dependent upon donations for its mission: to prevent and control cancer and other diseases through Nutrition and Non-Toxic Therapies. For more information, please call The Cancer Control Society, (323) 663-7801

Cascade Peak Spirits
Booth Number: 527
Exhibitor Website: http://organicnationspirits.com/

All of our products that we use, as well as our own facility, are certified organic by the most rigorous and respected name in organic certification—Oregon Tilth (OTCO). To top it off, our label for O-N gin is the first 100% recyclable label in the Spirits industry.

Booth Number: 268
Exhibitor Website: http://catersolar.com/

Catersolar is a Renewable Energy Company located in Los Angeles, California. We promote and distribute all forms of clean energy, with an emphasis on solar generated power, as well as a minor emphasis on wind-generated power. Catersolar is a licensed Solar Energy, General Engineering and General Building Contractor in the State of California Lic.# 907043 [ A , B , C46 ] .

We are also a member of the California Energy Commissions, a certified Solar installer and distributor, and we are an approved Solar Photovoltaic Contractor with the City of Los Angeles. Catersolar is SBE , SDBE and SLBE certified.

Booth Number: 601
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cbs.com

CBS Corporation is a mass media company with constituent parts that reach back to the beginnings of the broadcast industry, as well as newer businesses that operate on the leading edge of the media industry. Take a look back at the history of the CBS name and the company's various milestones and accomplishments throughout time.

Booth Number: 610
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cell-nique.com

Cell-nique is a unique, delicious, organic green drink packed with 31 superfoods that nourish, cleanse and alkalinize your body. Its energy-boosting, mood-lifting ingredients make you look and feel your best every day. This protein-packed meal-in-a-bottle comes in five delicious flavors that make it easy to get all the fruits and vegetables your body needs each day to thrive and feel fantastic.

Booth Number: 450
Exhibitor Website: http://www.nahoointments.com/

Pain should not prevent you from living the life that is waiting for you. That is why we developed Native American Healing Ointments (NAHO) - a line of natural products that bring relief to the pain that accompanies conditions such as arthritis, sore muscles, sports injuries, psoriasis, minor burns and insect bites.

Chic Afrique Herbals
Booth Number: 548
Exhibitor Website: http://www.chicafrique.biz/

The products of the Chic Afrique Herbal Line are appreciated for their exceptional quality and their originality. Every product complies with the international regulations of the cosmetic industry. They are not animal tested and are dermatoligical approved. The products of the Chic Afrique Herbal Line are 100% Natural. We are one of the few companies where products are still painstakingly made and packaged by hand. In this time of modern technology this is a significant and important fact, because soap bars are hand molded, butters and salves are hand poured in small batches, some slight variations in color and size may be present. However, the quality remains absolutely the same. We market our products in many ways. Through the store on Walnut Street, travelling to shows, conferences and festivals (which I love the most), wholesaling to other retailers and of course online.

Chivas Skin Care
Booth Number: 433
Exhibitor Website: http://www.chivasskincare.com/

Production: Many of the ingredients in our soap come right from our farm – goat milk from our goats, herbs from our herb garden, and more! Truly local ingredients means low carbon footprint. Packaging: We use 100% Recycled paper (FCC certified) to package our soaps. We do NOT use any plastic in packaging our soaps. Products: Our “Essential” and “Seasonal” soaps are All-Natural! They are made with pure essential oils. They contain no chemical fragrances, chemical preservatives, parabens or the like. You might not mind if Mom washed your mouth out with this soap! We are in the process of having our soaps certified organic. Our crèmes and lip balms are made with 82% and 76% organic content, respectively.

Clark Adams
Booth Number: 101
Exhibitor Website: http://www.clarkadams.com

When you work with Clark Adams Co. Windows and Doors, you can rely on us to take care of every step of the process, from start to finish. Our approach is thorough, professional, and detail-oriented, and that attitude extends from your initial consultation to the careful way our installers clean up after installation. We don't just pay lip service to the idea of customer satisfaction; it's our way of life.

ClearEdge Power
Booth Number: 534
Exhibitor Website: http://www.clearedgepower.com/

ClearEdge Power is leading the way in clean energy innovation that allows home and business owners to save money and protect the environment. With operations up and down the West Coast of the United States, our company is creating new, green jobs and promoting the growth of clean energy.

Coca - Cola Enterprises
Booth Number: 156
Exhibitor Website: http://careers.cokecce.com/careers.aspx

Here's to pursuing a career that's led by your talents, skills and interests. Here's to knowing there is more than one way to succeed. And here's to growing with an organization that is accountable, customer-focused and team-driven. We're Coca-Cola Enterprises – people who believe in creating unique opportunities for individuals ready to do their best work each and every day.

Working with The Coca-Cola Company, we turn their secret syrup into our sweet success. We're the world's largest bottler, marketer and distributor of some of the planet's favorite beverages. And while you won't find our dedication, commitment and passion on the label, you can definitely taste the pride in everything we do.

We're the team helping share smiles and create memories around the globe. We're also powering new ideas and spearheading rewarding growth through dynamic thinking. Discover what it means to be energized by a multitude of possibilities and a multifaceted team. Join us here at Coca-Cola Enterprises. Here's to working…with you.


Coda Automotive
Booth Number: 237
Exhibitor Website: http://www.codaautomotive.com/

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., CODA is working to reduce dependence on oil and leading the way to a cleaner future by building 100% electric cars and battery transportation systems. CODA works in a smart, inter-dependent way with highly proficient companies from around the world to quickly and efficiently bring electric drive technology to market, jump start the electric car movement and turn the car industry into a cause industry. Through its exclusive transportation battery joint venture with Lishen Power Battery, CODA is also a leading designer and large-scale manufacturer of power battery systems. The American invented, globally built CODA electric car will be available to consumers in 2010.

Cold-Fire Pacific, Inc
Booth Number: 141
Exhibitor Website: http://www.coldfirepacific.com/

Cold-Fire Pacific is dedicated to protecting lives and property for future generation by distributing organic/green, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-staining products. Our product line consist of Cold Fire Suppressing Agent, Fire Block Retardant, Odor Seal and Motor Max. Our fire/heat related products will absorb, encapsulate or provide a thermal barrier related to fire or heat. Our odor eliminator encapsulates bad odors and does not mask the odor.


Columbia ParCar
Booth Number: 326
Exhibitor Website: http://www.parcar.com

In 2000, Columbia expanded its line to add Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV’s) which today includes the MEGA, Columbia’s newest entrant into the Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) market. Columbia’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, from where its products are distributed through an extensive international network of independent Dealers. Columbia ParCar Corp. is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies, a family-owned management and manufacturing business headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin with manufacturing operations extending throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe and include Flambeau and Seats Incorporated, leaders in their respective industries.

Booth Number: 169
Exhibitor Website: http://coneybeare.com/


Coneybeare supplies employees, temporary staff and consultants, at any level in any organization, allowing you the flexibility to hire the right people at just the right time.

We specialize in recruiting and staffing skilled industrial and knowledge-based workers for companies in the clean technology sector.

Through our Lean Is Green division, we have applied lean manufacturing principles to the staffing industry to help our clients create speed, efficiencies and profit.

Coneybeare is a certified woman-owned business.


Conscious Clothing
Booth Number: 431
Exhibitor Website: http://getconscious.com

Since 1995 Conscious Clothing has been creating unique clothing using environmentally friendly,SBP ( sustainable/biodegradable product) hemp fabrics. As the fabrics have evolved to compare and actually surpass traditional bridal fabrics, we have dedicated ourselves to being innovators in the Green bridal movement. At Conscious Clothing we believe that a wedding is a very sacred ceremony. By choosing to wear a natural fiber on this special day, a woman is honoring not only the sacredness of her commitment to her partner, but also the very sacred connection that we all share with our planet.

Core Communications
Booth Number: 532
Exhibitor Website: http://core.us.com/

CORE provides a vertically integrated suite of professional development services to the renewable energy and wireless industry, including site acquisition, zoning, A&E and construction management. Our development group acquires and develops raw land and roof-top space for advanced wireless applications as well as renewable energy technology deployments including solar, wind and fuel cells.

Core Recovery
Booth Number: 511
Exhibitor Website: http://www.corerecovery.com/

Core Recovery is a broker of empty cores, not a rebuilder, however all recovered cores will be sold to the rebuilding/refilling industry here and abroad for complete core recycling. We have a total of over 38 years of recycling experience primarily in empty cartridges. We operate our own trucks within a 50 mile radius of Los Angeles and also use a UPS return label system daily. You will be issued a coded account #. Empty cores brought or shipped in will be processed immediately and a check •••• sent within 21 business days after receipt and inspection

Cornerstone Mantels
Booth Number: 146
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cornerstonemantels.com/

When making a decision on where to shop for natural stone fireplace mantels & accessories, Cornerstone Mantels is your best choice! It is our commitment to provide our customers with information needed to decide on the right mantel and decor for any project. Cornerstone Mantels takes pride in providing the highest quality stone, wood & accessories at the most affordable pricing.

Booth Number: 136
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cyber-rain.com/

Cyber-Rain is a ground-breaking smart sprinkler control system that gives homeowners an easy way to save 30-70 percent on their landscape watering bills by using the ease and convenience of the personal computer and automatic weather updates from the internet.

Danjo Windows & Doors
Booth Number: 668
Exhibitor Website: http://danjowindows.com

Patio doors custom built for your pet's needs—screen doors too! DanJo builds custom sliding doors with a built-in pet door in five sizes for pets up to 120 pounds. Their pet doors are made of impact-resistant, superstrong thermoplastic and have a clear flap that allows pets to see if the slide is in place, a floating bottom threshold for a perfect seal, plus magnetically secured flaps that reduce escaping air, for energy efficiency. DanJo also offers custom pet screen doors with a pet flaps and pet-proof screens. Visit their Web site or showroom to see the complete line.

Danmer Custom Shutters
Booth Number: 117
Exhibitor Website: http://www.danmer.com/

At Danmer, our growth has been fueled by our never-ending pursuit for quality, and our desire to satisfy our customers' needs. We use our expertise to make sure our customers get the best window shutters and installation possible — not just the easiest.  We have become the largest installer of shutters in California, and we're growing at a healthy rate because of our repeat and referral business. Danmer operates a state of the art facility in Van Nuys, CA covering more than 104,000 square feet, and we service over 500 customers every month. But no matter how many customers we service, our goal is to make every customer feel as if they are our only customer.  We want to make sure that you know what you need to know to make an intelligent decision. We understand that this is a major purchase, and you need to find out all of your options and costs. We're serious about shutters, and we're committed to ensuring that you're satisfied with your purchase.  All of our designers, installers, and manufacturing personnel are committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients. No matter how large a company we become, we realize that is our main mission. You can't go wrong with Danmer.


Dr. Fresh Inc
Booth Number: 259
Exhibitor Website: http://drfresh.com/

Clean teeth, green earth….it’s a “rap!” Introducing the EcoFly™ toothbrush from Dr. Fresh®, the first “rappin’”, recyclable, eco-conscious toothbrush for kids. Musical timer featuring an original rap song recorded by “Da Hip Hop Cop”, aka Anthony Ward, teaches kids to brush long enough to keep smiles healthy, but to conserve water in the process by turning off the tap.

Dream Green Earth
Booth Number: 217
Exhibitor Website: http://www.dreamgreenearth.com/

DGE is the so cal distributor of P2000 Insulation systems. P2000 is an extremely energy efficient and energy saving insulation product for residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

Drukpa Charitable Foundation
Booth Number: 376
Exhibitor Website: http://www.drukpa.org/

The lineage acquired the name Drukpa in the twelfth century when, assuming the human form, Avalokiteshvara - the Great Lord of Universal Compassion - manifested in Tibet as the outstanding disciple of Mahasiddha Lingchen Repa. This sublime being was called Drogon Tsangpa Gyare, the meaning being: Drogon - the Protector of Beings; Tsang - born in the land of Tsang; Gya - from the noble clan of Chinese (Gya) origin; Re - a cotton-clad yogi.

Earth Friendly Products
Booth Number: 109
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ecos.com/

Our family began by making cleaners for industrial use before Corvettes had fins. When your grandmother was wearing a poodle skirt and drinking a float at the soda fountain, we were earning our first patents Decades later, when Jimi Hendrix turned rock upside down and played guitar with his teeth, we started our own quiet rebellion. We decided: only cleaners that were plant-based. Only paper that was recycled. Only products not tested on animals, period. Does it sound boring to say we’re family owned and operated? Because what it means to us is that it’s personal. We’ve been around, well – seems like forever. We know how to make cleaners that CLEAN, paper goods that work (with 80% post-consumer content, and that’s good,) detergents that won’t harm a fiber of your clothing, and a phosphate-free auto dish soap that won’t etch anything. Ever.

Booth Number: 513
Exhibitor Website: http://www.earth-list.com/

Earth-List.com is the world's centralized environmental resource, providing a directory of media and information to help you think and live sustainably. Whether you are looking into alternative energy, organic foods, or recycling, Earth-List.com compiles listings of products, services, and information for you to browse. Join the Earth-List Green Community and check out the numerous features Earth-List offers, including a green business directory, Earth-Tube videos, an article library, and much more! Go Green at www.Earth-List.com

Earthwise Bag Company
Booth Number: 538
Exhibitor Website: http://www.earthwisebags.com/

Earthwise Bag Company, Inc. is on a mission to save the environment – one plastic bag at a time. Their solution: the Earthwise shopping bag, a durable, practical, inexpensive, and of course, environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic and paper bags found at local grocers, retail shops, and department stores.

Booth Number: 563
Exhibitor Website: http://easyturf.com/

Now You Can Have a Dog AND a Beautiful Lawn! EasyTurf, Southern California's leading provider of synthetic grass landscaping, is the turf-of-choice of dog owners and pet care facilities due to the outstanding durability and drainage capabilities. Tough enough to handle even the most challenging pets, its unique drainage system makes it the only choice that provides for an odor free lawn. Better yet, while you are solving your lawn problems you are also saving the environment. Statistics show that outdoor landscaping accounts for 70% of a household’s total water usage. A typical residence with an EasyTurf synthetic lawn will save about 41,690 gallons of water a year. Think of the amount of water that will be saved over the next 20-25 years at your home. There are also no pesticides or fertilizers required to maintain an EasyTurf lawn, which is a key factor in saving the ground water from contamination. Our product is also non-toxic and 100% recyclable. The infill includes already recycled materials which would otherwise have been taking up space in a landfill. Putting in EasyTurf is a win-win for pet owners and those interested in protecting our environment.

Eat Cleaner
Booth Number: 612
Exhibitor Website: http://eatcleaner.com

Last year alone, there were over 78 million reported cases of food borne illness and 5,000 related deaths, most of which could have been avoided with proper handling. The fact is water is not an effective cleaning agent when it comes to food bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli and will not remove chemical pesticides or wax, which can trap harmful residue under the surface. EAT CLEANER™ is the only all natural line of food wash and wipes that removes pesticide and chemical residue, bacteria and wax from fresh produce, seafood and poultry that water can’t. EAT CLEANER™ products help to put food safety and savings into your hands by inhibiting browning and helping to extend produce shelf life up to 200% longer. Consumer and commercial solutions available. EAT CLEANER™ is a brand of Grow Green Industries, Inc., a minority woman-owned business based in Orange County, California.


EBike Direct
Booth Number: 639
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ebikedirect.com

Experience the revolutionary green transportation - iRoll line of electric bicycles. We back our bicycles with unmatched service and warranty at wholesale prices. Up to 20 mile range per charge.  Riding an eBike instead of driving reduces your carbon footprint dramatically.  EbikeshareUSA automated bike rental system will also be introduced.

Booth Number: 662
Exhibitor Website: http://www.eco-me.com

Eco-Me specializes in 100% natural do-it-yourself kits that are good for you and the environment, too. The need to remove unnecessary chemicals from our homes led our search for completely natural and chemical-free products. The only problem was finding the products. Most natural cleaners still use synthetic chemicals for colorants and add trace amounts of ammonia and harsh additives to their products. So we decided that if we wanted a truly natural product we would have to make it ourselves and a few months later Eco-Me was born.

Booth Number: 411
Exhibitor Website: http://www.eco-panda.com/

Responsible Fashion... Affordable Luxury... Eco-Panda is committed to providing fashion forward swimwear with uncompromising quality. Creating affordable swimwear for a diverse market that incorporates subtle luxuries that today's consumer demands. Blending global trends with recycled resources and unsurpassed fit, Eco-Panda swimwear is more than this season's trend, it's a fashion essential. Welcome to the future of style.....Eco-Panda.

Ecousable, Inc.
Booth Number: 616
Exhibitor Website: https://www.ecousable.com/

Ecousable, Inc. invents, produces and markets reusable eco-friendly products that are fashionable and affordable for everyone. Our company’s product line is founded on its desire to save our natural resources in an ecologically, environmentally and economical way. The two flagship products, Water Wrapz™ (a removable and reusable band to identify your water bottle) and EcoUsable bottles (Stainless Steel bottle that are 100% recyclable) reduce the amount of plastic water bottles one uses, while saving money everyday. The Company will also offer other planet-friendly products manufactured by sustainable companies looking to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to be the premiere online source for eco-shopping, offering reusable eco-friendly products, to reduce the carbon footprint for the future generations.

eFile Folders
Booth Number: 520
Exhibitor Website: http://efilefolders.com/

eFileFolders are the world's first and only electronic file folders that look and work just as paper file folders have for over a century, but without the paper.  More than 1.1 billion trees a year are cut down to satisfy the needs of office workers throughout the world.  The Life Like Interface of browsing through a file of documents, we project will enable more computer users to reduce the number of paper and files they create.  Just as you buy boxes of file folders, you will buy quantities of efilefolders.  Once you buy a quantity of efilefolders, you will name you efilefolders, organize the efilefolder by creating tabs and dividers and they upload your documents in them.  After you place your files in efilefolders, your efilefolders can be accessed from anywhere.  Remember ..."Store information, not paper."  For more information visit www.efilefolders.com

Energy Acumen Solar
Booth Number: 528
Exhibitor Website: http://energyacumen.com/

Energy Acumen is a CCR registered Woman-Owned Small Business created in California for the express purpose of providing a wide array of renewable energy solutions. Energy Acumen is an industry leader that focuses on innovative solutions using renewable resources such as sun and wind. Energy Acumen provides installation, support and maintenance services to projects and facilitates energy independence using Solar, Wind and Solar-Thermal

Environmental Solar Design, Inc.
Booth Number: 213
Exhibitor Website: http://www.environmentalsolardesign.com

Established in l979, Environmental Solar Design, Inc. (ESDI) is a full-line, professional, design-build, solar contractor based in Los Angeles, Ca. Environmental Solar designs, engineers, sells, installs and services solar energy and high efficiency conservation equipment for both the residential and commercial markets. As a licensed general contractor, the firm has worked closely with Southern California Gas Company, Southern California Edison, LADWP and other municipal utilities such as Burbank DWP on solar and energy saving projects, as well as dozens of property management companies and private individuals.

Ewaste Center
Booth Number: 100
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ewastecenter.com

The eWaste Center, Inc is an experienced professional in the field of consumer electronics with over 30 years experience. Over the years, many changes in the consumer electronics industry has resulted in more electronic waste being retired in our landfills. EWC was born in 2003 and operations began in 2004 as an ewaste collector and naturally progressed to a fully operational recycler.

EZ Green Bikes
Booth Number: 309
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ezgreenbikes.com/

You can save money on gas by riding an electrical bike to work without breaking a sweat. Not only will it cost you less to commute to work, but you'll also be helping our environment. You have more time to relax and enjoy the clean morning breeze, the beautiful green surroundings, the very nature which humans enjoyed since earth's creation that we fail to see everyday when we use our cars. You can avoid sitting in long traffic and the added stress in the morning since you take your own route to the office. After work, you can use your Ebike as a regular bicycle for routine exercise that is always good for our health.

Ez Wyp
Booth Number: 414
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ezwyp.com

Ez WyP is a biodegradable wet wipe that expects to hit markets 2q 2009. The product is completely natural: no anti-bacterial-solution, no preservatives, no alcohol. The compact size of the Ez-WyP (approx a US quarter) makes it convenient to carry and store in any situation. In order for it to expand to its entirety simply pour a tablespoon of water and it will rise to its full size. The Ez-WyP is soft, durable, absorbent, lint free and sanitary. Ez WyP is ideal for restaurants, hotels, baby care, outdoor activities, make up removal, car washes, pet stores and even more. The Ez-WyP can be used for all your needs and for all skin types.

Faerie’s Dance
Booth Number: 419
Exhibitor Website: http://faeriesdance.com/

Faerie’s Dance is an enchanted Eco-Fashion store where beauty and sustainability go hand-in-hand. We have fashions for everyone and specialize in men’s and women’s organic intimates. Stop in to try a luxurious organic cotton bra from France or Italy, panties made from recycled pine tree trimmings or a soy-fabric camisole.

Booth Number: 132
Exhibitor Website: http://farmscapegardens.com

Deciding what to eat is one of the most basic decisions that every human being must make; it is a decision with consequences for one’s health, community, and environment. We can eat food grown in our backyards that is ripe, nutritious, and good for the planet, or we can eat food that is grown using chemical fertilizers, harvested early and shipped across the country. Currently, we choose the latter to the detriment of taste, nutrition, and the environment.

Fenix 5-4
Booth Number: 531
Exhibitor Website: http://fenix54.com/

Fenix 5-4 is committed to serving our patrons fresh and pure food daily. We believe in the life giving force and healing power of fresh fruits and vegetables served raw. We believe that wheatgrass is one of nature’s most extreme superfoods. We believe that healthy food should taste good. We believe heatlhy eating is a choice we must make - more raw, more fresh, less refined sugars, less pesticides, and more hormone free. Finally, our staff is selected based on their willingness to enthusiastically serve your needs...because we are passionate about your health and the quality of the foods we offer.

Fireman's Fund
Booth Number: 125
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ffic.com

Fireman’s Fund, a company of Allianz, was the first property and casualty insurance company to offer green insurance to the U.S. commercial marketplace, and continues to be an industry leader in providing innovative, market-leading green insurance and related services. The company has expanded its green insurance from commercial to personal, including green insurance for historic buildings, hotels, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, homes and personal and commercial automobiles.


Four Legged Friends Foundation
Booth Number: 661
Exhibitor Website: http://www.flff.org/

“Servicing, promoting and contributing to the positive impact of the human-animal bond.” Our goals at Four Legged Friends Foundation are to: * Protect and strengthen the human-animal bond * Protect the welfare of animals * Educate the public on the positive emotional and physical influences animals provide * Create partnerships within the community to assist more people and animals * Guide the community to valid animal organizations and services * Support animal-welfare nonprofit organizations’ services and programs

Booth Number: 359
Exhibitor Website: http://www.froobi.com

Froobi.com is the latest addition to the e-commerce world, but we are not new to the world of electronics. Since 1994, we have been building a reputation in the wholesale electronics world for providing low prices and service with integrity. We are taking our wholesale volume purchasing power with manufacturers and bringing the deals directly to you. So keep your eyes glued to Froobi.com for tremendous savings opportunities.

Fruit Fairy Delivers
Booth Number: 170
Exhibitor Website: http://fruitfairydelivers.com/

The Fruit Fairy was started the old fashioned way… with gestures of kindness delivered with the sweetness of a summer peach. It was on long summer weekends selling fruit at the market that I would often pack a few choice pieces of ripe nectarines and deliciously sweet peaches for personal delivery to family and friends. It would often be left at the doorstep with a note that read “With Love”. In those days, friends and family would wait for the drop off with expectations of a wonderful treat to end every summer weekend. Adults and children alike would devour the sweet treats with smiles and laughter as soon as they discovered the special delivery. It was in those simple moments that I found such pleasure. Over the years, I still make my special deliveries, but it is in serving at the local Farmers Markets I have been able to provide you, the public, with truly, sweet fruits. In our attempt to provide others with this same satisfaction, we have organized area drop-offs. We deliver fruit to a central location for easy customer pick-up. Allow us along with our family of growers to provide you with the best selection of choice fruit the San Joaquin Valley has to offer. It is in our labor of love that we can feel confident in knowing what we serve you, will be the best. After all… if you love what you do, you will always do it well. And we love what we do.

Further Products
Booth Number: 350
Exhibitor Website: http://furtherproducts.com/

FURTHER HAND SOAP will not only leave your hands feeling squeaky clean, but will freshen your conscience and inspire your soul. Infused with fragrant essential oils of Bergamot, Olive and exotic grasses, FURTHER HAND SOAP creates a perfect sustainable circle.

G Diapers
Booth Number: 250
Exhibitor Website: http://www.gdiapers.com

gDiapers consist of a washable, cotton outer pant and a plastic free flushable refill. They are made of breathable material just like sports clothing. So, babies stay dry and happy and are far less likely to get diaper rash. Can't flush? It's ok to toss flushable refills because they're plastic-free. Or garden compost the wet ones. They'll break down in 50-150 days.

GBN / Green Business Networking
Booth Number: 519
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenbusinessnetworking.com/

On the second Tuesday of every month, Green Business Networking provides the owners and decision-makers of socially and environmentally conscious businesses a time and place for connecting, sharing, deal-making and networking. A non-profit project of EarthWays Foundation, our mission is to connect those who understand the importance and opportunity of environmentally friendly commerce. Now, in order to leverage the relationships formed at its events, GBN is joining forces with other leading Los Angeles sustainability organizations to form the Green Economy League. GEL will provide its members and the community with critically needed tools and resources to accelerate the creation of a more sustainable economy in Los Angeles, and beyond. To join in or learn more, please visit our booth, attend our next local gathering, or visit us at www.greenbusinessnetworking.org.

Genuine HoBo Men and Women International LLC
Booth Number: 406
Exhibitor Website: http://www.genuinehobo.com/

MISSION: HoBo Men &Woman International is dedicated to uniting natural holistic ancient traditions with modern living. We provide products and services to help empower and inspire individuals, families, and communities- across barriers of race, color, and creed, to achieve their highest aspirations. HoBo Men and Women International LLC, is a massage, pampering and products company created in 2005 by Raymond Williams. As a steward of natural healing and wellness, Mr. Williams aims to heal the body naturally through the fine artistry of touch. He created his "Genuine HoBo" natural skin care line to naturally sooth the body and assist the healing of problem skin.HoBo Men and Women, LLC is an environmentally friendly, health conscious service company that specializes in foot washing and African Swai, an ancient massage technique learned in East Africa and taught by Master Bodi-specialist and company founder, Raymond Williams. The company has found success in the skin, body care and wellness industry and shares its artistry with people all around the world. The company was recognized in 2007 by Whole Foods Market Incorporated and received the New Product of the Year Award. Genuine HoBo products are regionally approved by Whole Foods and can be found at Whole Foods Markets in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. The all natural Shea butter moisturizers are made from pure unrefined Shea butter and top quality essential oils such as lavender and jasmine and are beneficial for all skin types. Individuals with oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin will find the products gentle and non-comedogenic.  The company client list extends from the Governor's office retail chains to a variety of national festivals and events. Have A HoBo Day!

Glee Gum
Booth Number: 618
Exhibitor Website: http://www.gleegum.com

Verve is an independent, family-owned business, dedicated to linking world communities and creating environmentally and socially responsible products and activities. Verve's products include:Glee Gum - all natural chewing gum. Verve's commitment to environmental and social justice is twofold; first, we closely monitor the environmental and social impact of our own business practices, and second, we create products and curriculum that help children think about environmental and social issues in innovative, interesting, and developmentally appropriate ways.

Global Ghetto Organics
Booth Number: 439
Exhibitor Website: http://www.globalghettoorganics.com

Global Ghetto Organics® makes luxury bamboo apparel with tasteful, understated style. Our collection of elegant earth-friendly basics are suffused with utilitarian sophistication: Painter's Jackets, Native Zipped ecoHoodies, yoga wear, ecoThermals, long and short-sleeved tees all with incredibly yummy fabric, great cuts and discreet detailing.

We make our own bamboo fabrics with the richest most supple hand, soft like cashmere but way more durable. We are ecoWarrior outfitters offering versatile luxury with a conscience.


Gloria's Pet Rescue
Booth Number: 663
Exhibitor Website: http://www.purrfectrealty.com/

The purchase or sale of your home is one of the most stressful transactions in your life. Providing you with the perfect service that your needs require and deserve, professionals can assist you with all of the necessary paperwork and disclosures required by law and ensure that you are properly updated and understand every process that takes place. With constant communication through email, phone, or in-person at your request, experts will come to you and truly make the difficult experience of buying or selling a home run smoothly as possible. The creation of Purrfect Realty was inspired by the needs of our four legged friends with their medical, shelter, and food requirements. When you decide to use the services of Purrfect Realty, you will also be helping homeless pets because 100% of the profits of the sale or purchase of your home is used for their care.

Go Fresh
Booth Number: 611
Exhibitor Website: http://freshsnackpack.com/

The Reusable Fresh Snack Packs™ from Go Fresh are an affordable and space saving part of your waste-free lunch. Pack healthy snacks and sandwiches from home.  Fold the bags flat for the trip home.  Skip the single-serve containers and fast food.  With the Fresh Snack Pack™ you can stop feeling guilty about throwing disposable bags into the trash can.  The earth is happy and you get to keep your hard earned cash in your pocket. 

GoGreen Oil Filter
Booth Number: 313
Exhibitor Website: http://www.GoGreenOilFilter.com

From 1969 we have been involved in inventing, improving and manufacturing motorsports-related items ever since. We started making stainless steel oil filters for our own bikes. We produce a reusable oil filter for automobiles, motorcycles, offroad bikes and aircraft. Our unique design, top-quality materials and construction are produced in our environmentally friendly manufacturing plant in Colorado.

Golden Path Alchemy
Booth Number: 428
Exhibitor Website: http://www.goldenpathalchemy.com

Golden Path Alchemy is a holistic, handmade, herbal skin care company. We combine Chinese herbs, Western herbs, therapeutic essential oils, flower essences and gem elixirs to create powerful healing blends that transform your skin from ordinary to extraordinary. Our products are handmade in small batches with all-natural, local and certified organic ingredients to ensure freshness and potency. Each product is rich with the all the nourishment your skin needs to reveal your radiant beauty. Our mission at Golden Path Alchemy is to create holistic herbal skin care to transform your skin, body, and spirit, revealing your radiant beauty. We have a selection of cleansers, toners, serums, steams, herbal masks, alchemysts, flower essence blends and body scrubs.

Grand Pacific Resorts
Booth Number: 307
Exhibitor Website: http://grandpacificresorts.com/

Grand Pacific Resorts, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest vacation ownership companies based in California. Our 800 professionals at Grand Pacific Resorts take pride in creating memorable resort vacation packages in Southern California for more than 40,000 owner-families every year. Learn how Grand Pacific Resorts can help you start creating quality vacations, for a lifetime!

Grandstand Sports Memorabilia
Booth Number: 262
Exhibitor Website: http://grandstandsports.com/

Grandstand is a full-service sports, celebrity and memorabilia company that produces over 500 auctions at charity events annually, stretching from Portland, Maine to Sydney, Australia. Each of our fundraising auctions are entirely cost and risk-free for any organization that chooses to utilize our professional services. At each auction, Grandstand provides spectacular memorabilia and once-in-a-lifetime fantasy experience packages and for use in a silent, live, and online auctions. Last year alone, Grandstand raised over $1 million for charity.

Grass Woods Cabinets
Booth Number: 162
Exhibitor Website: http://www.grasswoodcabinets.com/

At Grasswood Cabinets our goal is to build beautiful cabinets using Bamboo rather than traditional woods. By using Bamboo we have a unique look using the most renewable resource in the industry. Bamboo combines an elegant warm look with exception durability to provide years of use and beauty. Whether you prefer a traditional, tropical, or modern contemporary look we have the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, entertainment center, office, or bathroom. When choosing from our modular bamboo cabinets or having something custom built, we provide detailed drawings to make your project run as smooth as possible.

Green Aesthetics / Gindy Laura
Booth Number: 546
Exhibitor Website: http://www.gindylaura.com/ , http://www.greenaesthetics.com

Gindy Laura, a label synonymous with ethical green fashion. Our styles are designed to suit a wide range of city living enthusiasts, from young executives to working moms. Our company began over two decades ago as a workshop for premium labels. We quickly became popular because of our meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, attributing our garments and accessories with a high level of value. As our company grew, we kept to that same strict level of quality control, while also becoming more aware of ethical and environmental concerns. Our company’s niche became apparent as we sought to bond both organic and sustainable materials with ethically manufactured practices. Our collections are likewise infused with the creative energies of our freelance fashion designers- artists who believe in the ideals we seek to establish and whose work imitates their unique and imaginative viewpoints. Gindy Laura is committed to embrace the needs and requests of our clients. Please view our online montage while you visit our site, we look forward to working with you. You may contact our company representative via email for inquiries at: Beatrice@vital-millennium.com

Green Castles
Booth Number: 137
Exhibitor Website: http://www.GreenCastles.com

Green Castles.com is a company that has been created to help business owners and customers come together. This union is thru a personal interview, which establishes goals and needs for Energy efficiencies and Water conservation. These interviews are being conducted by Green Castles Ambassadors that have field experience of the installation of sustainable products. Many Ambassador’s have or are being trained by “Build it Green” as a Certified Green Building Professional. We know these sustainable goals will change from year to year based on budgets and new product introductions, therefore our Ambassadors will be creating relationships. Green Castles goal is to create long term customers that want sustainable products that they can DIY (Do It Yourself) or have installed Now.

Green Cradle
Booth Number: 360
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greencradle.com/

Green Cradle Organic Home & Mattress is a unique eco friendly and organic green store located in Sherman Oaks, California, offering families products that not only say ORGANIC or ALL NATURAL on their labels, but actually contain no chemicals, no synthetic preservatives, no harmful dyes, no hidden plastics, no toxic fire retardants, no formaldehyde-leaching pressed woods -- nothing unhealthy for you or your environment.

Green Eco Products
Booth Number: 606
Exhibitor Website: http://green-ecoproducts.com/

Green Eco Products, Inc. is a wholesaler & retailer of Eco Friendly Green bags. All bags are made out of natural jute fiber which is 100% recyclable, bio-degradable and highly durable. Green-Eco Products, Inc. Mission Our vision is to make natural jute fiber an integral part of everyday life. The company’s mission is made up of three components:To be mindful of the earth — all our products are made from natural jute fiber. To be a responsible citizen of the world — all our products are ethically manufactured. No child labor is involved.To give back to the global community— Supporter of the Akshaya Hope Foundation and other local charities. About Akshaya Hope Foundation - "Akshaya", in the Sanskrit language means "Everlasting” or “Endless." Akshaya Hope Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization built to help improve the lives of the many impoverished families who have limited funds to provide their children a good education. Through partnering with Green-Eco Products, Inc. an eco-friendly, environmental awareness company, the Akshaya Hope Foundation will help turn the dreams of these families into reality by donating a portion of their proceeds to fund higher education costs. Opportunities to support these families are endless. Providing endless hope to our future begins with us.

Green-Eco Products, Inc., 516 N. Charles Street, 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA .410.925.0558, nan@green-ecoproducts.com, www.green-ecoproducts.com


Green Innovation Connect by Nikkei America
Booth Number: 206
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greeninnovationconnect.net

"Green Innovation Connect is a project designed with the goal of bringing U.S. companies interested in environmental technology into contact with Japanese green-tech companies. Companies will be able to not only connect with each other, but also learn about opportunities to attend events and conferences related to innovative Japanese “green” technology."

Green Planet Building
Booth Number: 107
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenplanetbuilding.com

Green Planet Building is a Los Angeles green construction company. We pride ourselves on taking a balanced approach to green building and sustainable design while delivering quality craftsmanship, using renewable and sustainable materials. Our homes have an attractive alternative to traditional construction while promoting a healthier environment for clients and the planet. Having 20 years of combined building experience serving the residential and commercial market in Southern California, founders Harvey Stern and Mitra Khorramian saw the climate, the energy crisis, and the health effects of conventional construction and knew there was something they could do about it.

Green Point US - Travis Pruitt
Booth Number: 115
Exhibitor Website: http://greenpointus.com/

GreenPoint US is the brainchild of design professionals experienced in and currently practicing sustainable design in the commercial building and construction industries. The company offers courses and training events on sustainability topics and issues. Seminar formats are designed to meet the needs of community and government leaders, as well as seasoned professionals seeking LEED exam preparation. Each course is fully developed as a live presentation by design professionals experienced in teaching and each is accompanied by up-to-the-minute color workbooks and/or study techniques and test tips.

The Level 100 Seminars provide a comprehensive introduction the basics of sustainability. Level 200 Courses are designed to prepare people interested in taking the LEED® Green Associate v3 exam given by the US Green Building Council, the first step in becoming a LEED Accredited Professional. GreenPoint US Level 300 Programs offer intensive preparation for the LEED® Accredited Professional + exam given by the US Green Building Council.

Green Print Alliance
Booth Number: 536
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenprintalliance.com/

The Green Print Alliance, Established by Chromatic Lithographers in Glendale, California, The Green Print Alliance mission is to help reduce worldwide deforestation through the use of Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forest Initiative certified papers.The GPA is effecting positive change. Participating clients reduce deforestation while replacing the resource they use; that is sustainability at work. On behalf of those clients, we donate trees to American Forests, Global ReLeaf Fund. Each participating client receives a Certificate of Appreciation from American Forests, acknowledging their participation.

Green Restaurant Association
Booth Number: 627
Exhibitor Website: http://www.dinegreen.com

The Green Restaurant Association℠ (GRA), a national non-profit organization, helps the restaurant industry improve its environmental practices. Founded in 1990, the GRA also strives to educate consumers on ways they can reduce their environmental impact, and encourage the restaurants they dine in to do the same.

Green Sheep Shop
Booth Number: 458
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greensheepshop.com

Green Sheep Shop specializes in yarn that treads lightly on the planet.  Organic, sustainable, recycled, fair-trade, and naturally dyed yarns are our focus.  We offer beautiful yarns for knitting and crochet in a variety of fibers that are great for you and great for the planet.  In addition to yarn, we carry single patterns and pattern books that complement our yarns, bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks, and project kits.  

Greener Energy Products
Booth Number: 341
Exhibitor Website: greenerenergyproducts.com

When a motor starts, it asks the utilities transformer for power (voltage and amperage) to run. This demand for power runs through the wiring, panel box, meter and down the lines to the transformer and heats up and strains the motor and wiring. This heat (I2R losses) is called watts. The GE XP Module, once installed, stores and releases energy to the motor it needs to function properly. This reduces heat on the wires and the motor. Reducing the heat will lower your electric bill, increase the life of the motor and reduce the chances of fire.

Booth Number: 613
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenopia.com

Greenopia is a consumer’s guide to every green business in NYC. Making it easy to find products and services that are healthier for you and the planet.

Booth Number: 339
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greentorch.com/

We specialize in exit signs that are energy efficient.

Harnessed Humidity
Booth Number: 129
Exhibitor Website: http://www.harnessedhumidity.com/

The DEWPOINTE®ADVANTAGE...* Creates water from a renewable resource air * Average cost of $.60 (USD) a gallon, * Up to 8.4 gallons of water per day, * No Hasselling with Lifting, & Storing 5 gallon pails jugs, * The freshest water from the air

Harris Office Products
Booth Number: 516
Exhibitor Website: http://www.harrisop.com/

Harris Office Products is your one-stop Office Supply and Furniture partner featuring over 40,000 Green Office Products. We make “greening” your office easy and cost effective. Our catalog is filled with environmentally friendly tips and earth friendly products to give you the tools you need to work smart, protect our natural resources and help save the planet. We help you take the research out of shopping, which allows you to make smart decisions based on price, quality and sustainability. With Harris as your “green” business partner, you can take care of the earth as you take care of business. When we all join in, even small steps in the “green direction” have a huge impact.

HealthForce Nutritionals
Booth Number: 440
Exhibitor Website: http://www.healthforce.com

The purpose of HealthForce Nutritionals is to empower as many individuals as possible to experience greater health via unique products and information that are designed to bring us back to a state of nature that we should be able to take for granted. We are a team of dedicated Naturopaths that have been fervently studying health for 15 years. The health industry has much to offer, yet many products are under-performing, over priced and actually have toxicities! This includes nearly all isolated and/or synthetic vitamin and minerals (the vast majority of which you will find in nearly all nutritional formulas)! Through our years of research, we have been able to determine what is the best way to nourish the body completely, without any toxicity!

Hemp Elegance
Booth Number: 430
Exhibitor Website: http://www.HempElegance.com

Hemp Elegance is excited to introduce its line of hemp products to the global community. We offer practical, elegant clothing and accessories all made from beautiful hemp fabrics. Our intention here at Hemp Elegance is to ensure that the quality of living consciously is enhanced by wearing our clothing and using our products. To create fashionable clothing designs that appeal to people of all ages who desire to feel good about themselves, inside and out…is the mission of Hemp Elegance. Gone are the days of unexciting natural clothing options.

Hemp Industries Association
Booth Number: 449
Exhibitor Website: http://www.thehia.org

he mission of the HIA is to represent the interests of the hemp industry and to encourage the research and development of new products made from industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis. The HIA and HIA Members:

* Educate the public about the exceptional attributes of hemp products.

* Facilitate the exchange of information and technology between hemp agriculturists, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

* Maintain and defend the integrity of hemp products.

* Advocate and support socially responsible and environmentally sound business practices.


Booth Number: 348
Exhibitor Website: http://thehemptress.com/

Eco friendly and fashion friendly, our line of handbags and accessories is primarily made of hemp, but that doesn’t stop us from using other materials if the whim so moves us. Our aim is to be conscientiously as eco-friendly as we can be, while also being conscious of current aesthetics. Because we do live on a planet, but we don’t live in a box. We will be launching our Spring ‘10 line in mid November ’09.

Booth Number: 378
Exhibitor Website: http://www.hisaver.com

Visit us at booth #378 for more details!

Holistic Moms Network
Booth Number: 253
Exhibitor Website: http://www.holisticmoms.org

The Holistic Moms Network is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization connecting parents who are interested in holistic health and green living. We encourage moms to trust their instincts, parent from the heart, use their innate sense of what is best for their children, live in balance with the Earth, and learn about the pros and cons of all health care and parenting options. Living healthy and living green is not an endpoint, but an ongoing journey. No matter where you are on your parenting or holistic living journey, you are welcome at HMN! We are a diverse and open-minded community — a place where your choices are respected and where you can learn and become informed! Many of us are new to this journey, others more experienced. Wherever you are, you can benefit from the wisdom, support, and resources that Holistic Moms have to offer!

Hollywood Electrics
Booth Number: 311
Exhibitor Website: http://www.hollywoodelectrics.com/

Hollywood Electrics is LA's premier distributor and service center for electric motorcycles, bicycles and scooters. We are located in the heart of Hollywood at 901 N. Fairfax Ave. between Santa Monica and Melrose. Visit us online at http://www.hollywoodelectrics.com or call us at 323.654.8271 for more information on our products.

Booth Number: 459
Exhibitor Website: http://www.honda.com/

The new 2010 Honda Insight has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $19,800 for the Insight LX- making it the most affordable new hybrid available in the U.S. The distinctively styled, five-passenger, five-door dedicated hybrid vehicle carries an EPA-estimated city/highway fuel economy rating of 40/43 miles per gallon. The Insight features Eco Assist™, an innovation that can further enhance efficient vehicle operation while providing feedback related to individual driving styles. The interior offers a roomy passenger environment with a configurable rear seating and cargo area that benefits from 60/40 split fold-down seats. A more premium Insight EX version is also available with a MSRP of $21,300. For more information, please visit www.honda.com

Hybrid Light
Booth Number: 526
Exhibitor Website: http://www.hybridlite.com

Hybrid Light, LLC manufactures its quality products in its facility located in China. The Hybrid Solar Lite is RoHS and CE certified to ensure our products and facilities are environmentally sound. Our fair labor practices ensure the safety and fair treatment of our facilities employees and are monitored on a regular basis.

Hydro Flask
Booth Number: 607
Exhibitor Website: http://hydroflask.com/

Hydro Flask makes high quality products that you will be proud to own for years- and still be amazed at just how well they really do work. And when you're done with your Hydro Flask (in about one hundred years or so), simply drop in the recycle bin happy to know you've kept literally tons of plastic out of the landfills. Our double wall insulated sports bottles are made from the finest 18/8 stainless steel to ensure no BPA, no harmful chemicals, and no liner to get scratched. All of this in a light weight bottle that is sure to be with you on your next adventure, even if it is just to the mall. Hydro Flask's Steel Technology™ creates a vacuum sealed layer between two stainless steel walls that prohibits temperature exchange for up to twelve hours and more. This ensures your water will stay ice cold in the afternoon sun and this morning's espresso not only stayed piping hot, it also didn't burn your hand. Our strong belief in giving back has led us to create Five Percent Back.org. Through this strictly volunteer based organization, we donate five percent of the purchase price to a charity that our customers choose. Hydro Flask has meticulously designed every aspect to provide our customers with the highest quality sports bottle on the market, from the ergonomics of the finger grip to the perfect mouth size. We're so sure you'll love your Hydro Flask and look good doing it, that we will even buy it back from you if you're not 100% happy with it.

Hydrolectric Power
Booth Number: 441
Exhibitor Website: https://www.hydrolectricpower.com

Careful scientific research and testing has enabled HyPower and HydroLectricPower to design and create a CLEAN AIR Hydrogen fuel cell system for use in vehicles that provides safe, low pressure Hydrogen induction into the engine air intake chamber.

By providing a catalyst that increases combustion of your fuel by increasing it's octane, removes carbon, cleans the exhaust, boosting power of your engine.

ICF International
Booth Number: 163
Exhibitor Website: http://www.icfi.com/

ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI) partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions in the energy and climate change; environment and infrastructure; health, human services, and social programs; and homeland security and defense markets.

Indie Printing
Booth Number: 333
Exhibitor Website: http://indieprinting.com/

At Indie Printing Inc., “BEING GREEN” is far MORE THAN JUST INK AND PAPER. It would be unwise for us to simply abide by our industries regulations. More importantly, we implement our own PERSONAL STANDARDS in order to satisfy our representation of being an ECO-CONSCIOUS PRINTING company. Indie Printing’s commitment to the environment has lead us to become members of and/or support the following organizations, which keep us in close contact with the movement for a better planet, and help Indie Printing in being a socially conscious and “green” printing company.


Infinite Aloe
Booth Number: 641
Exhibitor Website: http://www.infinitealoe.com

Infinite Aloe Brand Aloe Vera Cream products have been selected to bring you the best of the best. We use the juice extract from the most potent of all varieties of Aloe Vera, Barbadensis Miller, and combine it with the best-known delivery systems for this miracle plant-extract. We have found tremendous success using Aloe Barbadensis Miller exclusively in all our products.

International Vedic Palm Reader
Booth Number: 453

International Vedic Palm Reader/Mystic & Motivational Speaker/Success Coach ...Lali S. Kakar uses Indian Vedic Predictive & Holistic sciences to help, heal and unlock peoples' path to success. He has worked with many famous personalities, including Dr. John Gray, Martin Luther King Jr. III, Marianne Williamson and Loretta Swift . He combines Vedic sciences with his extraordinary psychic gifts.

ITT Systems
Booth Number: 158
Exhibitor Website: http://ittsystems.com/

The global nature of today’s Government, commercial, and industrial enterprises requires the services of a company with the ability to produce breakthrough technologies and solutions never before imagined. In all the markets we serve — space and defense, communications, and support services — ITT has successfully transitioned our core capabilities to exceed the demands of our customers.

ItWorks - Inchesgone
Booth Number: 451
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wraptheinchesaway.com

From the time of its inception in 2001, It Works Marketing has dedicated itself to providing professional quality beauty and wellness products that both reflect high standards of integrity and reach consumers at affordable prices. Today we proudly offer the highest quality nutritional supplements, exclusive anti-aging solutions, and our internationally famed Ultimate Applicator Cosmetic System. Our responsibility to the consumer is always our top priority, and we believe our greatest strength is reflected in the lockstep relationship between our pursuit to provide you with life-changing products and our principled approach to business practices and product development.

Joi Tees
Booth Number: 418
Exhibitor Website: http://www.dawnjoi.com/

JoiTees is the lovechild of creator and designer Dawn Joi. Dawn Joi has dedicated herself to spreading “joi” and love in a chic, yet eco-friendly way. Her JoiTees (tee shirts) offer versatile fashion with a conscience and a touch of humor. The inspiration for this collection of inspirational and stylish tee shirts is derived from the life lessons and spiritual insight of their creator. The slogans on these JoiTees touch on a wide range of topics - from spiritual to personal and from serious to humorous, there is sure to be a JoiTee that expresses how you feel or conveys a message you want others to know. JoiTees are earth-friendly and made with 100% organic cotton, natural hemp and bamboo. JoiTees come in a variety of inspired slogans, colors and designs and are printed with eco-friendly water-based, chemical-free ink. And because of their all-natural composition, JoiTees stay true to size and won’t fade! JoiTees are designed to inspire both the young and old and cross barriers of race, color, gender or creed and appeal to many different tastes and styles. With sizes ranging from newborn onesies to adult 3X, these JoiTees are truly made for everyone! By donning a JoiTee, you are not only spreading the spirit of “Joi” and love but are also celebrating the connection that we all share with our planet – and there is nothing more “Joi-ful”!

June Fifteen
Booth Number: 346
Exhibitor Website: http://www.june15collection.com/

Now shoppers with a desire to go green have a solution that’s big on utility without skimping on style. Eco-chic reusable bags from June Fifteen www.june15collection.com are the ultimate in multi-purpose, stylishly converting from shopping bag to purse to gym bag to gift bag. June Fifteen Founder and CEO Sandrine Cassidy Schmitt always had a keen fashion sense. Eco-minded and convinced that a fashionable alternative to the basic $.99 polypropylene bags was needed, “I created the June Fifteen collection to feature designs with an haute couture feel without the high price point,” said Sandrine. The bags go for $6.99 to $15.99, with styles for women, men and children. Their style and practicality are well suited to shopping at any type of venue and to carrying anything, not just groceries. Handcrafted with natural sustainable materials, the collection www.june15collection.com/our_bags.html is primarily made of renewable jute, rattan cane and 100% cotton, and comes with ISO 9001 quality certification. Used for potato sacks and coffee bean bags, jute is a material ideal for heavy loads. Designed to strike a balance between fashion, function and versatility, the line includes an array of practical features that vary by bag. Details like pockets and movable separators, dual handle styles, waterproof linings, reinforced seams and easily cleaned fabrics make the bags incredibly usable.

Kaniras Expressions
Booth Number: Virtual Exhibitor
Exhibitor Website: http://kaniras.com/

Kaniras Expressions, LLC was founded in December 2009, after the owners discovered that they wanted to give back to society on a different level. Channeling their newly found enthusiasm they looked for better ways to find synergy between the environment, sustainability, advances in production and communication technology, and how all these relate to products we use every day. Because the environment is of special concern to the current generation, Kaniras Expressions focuses on promoting products that use renewable and sustainable resources.

Having their roots in India, it was only natural for the owners to look for ways to promote the concept of giving back to the environment and society by sharing special products from their culture, especially those items that are produced using traditional resources yet have stood the test of time. Their quest also led them to explore the possibility of engaging small environmentally minded suppliers as well as small scale cottage industries that provide opportunities to the native population to demonstrate their innate indigenous talents that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The products marketed and sold by Kaniras is a testimony to that evolution. Our products use natural raw materials and are primarily handcrafted exhibiting the synergy and harmony that exists between nature, skills of native artisans, and new and innovative production technology. We rely primarily on the Internet for processing 100% of the incoming orders, making Kaniras a truly online company.

KFWB News Talk 980
Booth Number: 368
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kfwb.com/

Southern California’s only NEWS TALK station features some of America’s top personalities and a full range of topical news, traffic, financial, sports and lifestyle programming. KFWB NEWS TALK 980’s weekday lineup includes local news blocks featuring Penny Griego and Phil Hulett weekdays from 5am-9am and Maggie McKay and Michael Shappee weekdays from 4pm-7pm, plus a roster of nationally recognized personalities including Dr. Laura and Dave Ramsey. KFWB is part of the CBS Radio family. On Saturday Jan. 23 from 2-4pm Cindy Dole from Home Wizards will be live broadcasting from Go Green Expo.

Ki Energy World
Booth Number: 353
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kienergyworld.com

In modern life, people are increasingly low in energy, with long work hours, stress, fatigue and physical pain. Masters at the Ki Energy center help to relieve these symptoms, so that people have better health and well-being. The center helps individuals and communities by giving ki energy treatments, Ki training classes and Family Healing.

Kiktavi Design
Booth Number: 118
Exhibitor Website: http://kiktavi.com

Cynthia Kiktavi Design was founded in Southern California in the early 1990’s. All styles of design from Contemporary, Craftsman, Art-Deco, European, etc. are found in the interesting and diverse architecture of homes in this region. So, Cynthia (owner) learned to apply all o the various design styles to marry the key architectural elements of the indoor living spaces o create outdoor garden rooms.

KIWI Magazine
Booth Number: 247
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kiwimagonline.com/

KIWI is dedicated to helping parents raise their children the healthiest way possible. Our charge is to introduce families to the latest in natural and organic living—showing how to practice this lifestyle on an everyday basis. We know that achieving the right balance between the real world and the ideal world is often difficult. Our lives are busy and our family’s schedules are often simply out of our control. So, our mission is to help you make the best choices, with the best information available, in the shortest amount of time.

Klean Kanteen
Booth Number: 426
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kleankanteen.com/

Before anybody else was making stainless steel water bottles for personal daily hydration, before the current widespread concern about health and environmental issues in relation to plastics, we were cobbling together the first Klean Kanteen prototype from things we bought at the local hardware store here in Chico, California. In 2004, we released the first Klean Kanteen onto the market because we wanted to give people something better than plastic: a lightweight, re-usable, body-friendly bottle free of bisphenol A (BPA); a bottle durable enough to last a lifetime; an easy-to-clean, easy-to-carry beverage container for people of all ages; a bottle that keeps drinks fresh and clean-tasting no matter how many times you refill it; a simple design engineered for function in every way. In those early days, we shared Klean Kanteens with folks we met at music festivals, environmental fairs, outdoor recreation events, and other sorts of groovy gatherings. “Where can I get some more of these?” they’d ask. “I love my Klean Kanteen.”

Knoend LLC
Booth Number: 275
Exhibitor Website: http://knoend.com/

Knoend is an ecodesign studio operating on the belief that design is a catalyst for change. Design has the power to create new experiences that will bring enhanced meaning to life. With every product or project undertaken, the goal is to provide a fresh look at the world, to allow people to see, feel, experience life in another way and to do so without negative environmental or social impact. The name 'Knoend' was conceived to describe the limitless possibilities that knowledge can bring to the world. Share in the philosophy: Know no end.

Booth Number: 470
Exhibitor Website: http://www.konpay.org/

Our Mission:Konbit Pou Ayiti/KONPAY (Working Together for Haiti) strengthens existing organizations, builds national networks, creates relationships between individuals and organizations in the U.S. and Haiti, and and supports collaboration and the sharing of technology and expertise. KONPAY focuses on Haitian solutions to environmental, social and economic problems and provides training and funding to grassroots and community-based projects. KONPAY is supporting Haitian-led efforts to reforest Haiti and protect the environment.

LA Weekly
Booth Number: 515
Exhibitor Website: http://www.laweekly.com/

Since 1978, LA Weekly has been decoding Los Angeles for its readers, infiltrating its subcultures, observing and analyzing its shifting rhythms, digging up its unreported stories and confronting the city's political leaders. From the beginning, the paper has found success by drawing in readers with comprehensive calendar listings and cultural coverage, and then keeping those readers loyal with bold news and political coverage and in-depth feature stories by some of the country's finest writers. LA Weekly has won more awards from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies than any other paper in the country, and in 2007 was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for criticism by food writer Jonathan Gold.

LA Yoga Magazine
Booth Number: 362
Exhibitor Website: http://www.layogamagazine.com

LA YOGA Magazine is the most widely read publication in the Los Angeles Metro area with a proven commitment to Green content. That’s because Yoga is one of the oldest traditions where respect for the environment is a primary concern. Each provocative and insightful issue of LA YOGA Magazine promotes a healthy, green, sustainable lifestyle. Over 60,000 copies are distributed each issue, available free at yoga studios, health food stores, alternative healthcare offices and other locations throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Northern Orange County. Visit us online at www.layogamagazine.com and subscribe to our e-news. Whether you’re a practicing yogi or have never done yoga, LA YOGA will enhance your horizons.

Lab Clean
Booth Number: 321
Exhibitor Website: http://www.bayescleaners.com/

The finest premium cleaning products that shine and protect your most valuable possessions while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. They are made with natural oils, they are non-abrasive and non toxic, and are never tested on animals.


Lady Muse Atelier
Booth Number: 438
Exhibitor Website: http://ladymuse.com/Coming_Soon.html

This is an invitation, an offering, to women everywhere, an inspiration, to reclaim our beauty, our power and remember our purpose as daughters and sisters, lovers and wives, mothers and crones in order to accomplish our missions and return home within.

Booth Number: 119
Exhibitor Website: http://www.golehr.com/

The ideas behind LEHR Incorporated were born during a series of long, cold nights spent converting gasoline engines to run on propane aboard the research vessel the Sea Surveyor at work in the North Sea. Having already used propane to power small engines on several other ships in his years at sea, Captain Bernardo Jorge Herzer CEO and founder of LEHR knew he had something. "Propane is just safer, more efficient and more reliable," said Captain Herzer, "that's why we used it on our ships." Five years later, with corporate offices, and an R&D center at its "green" headquarters in Los Angeles, California, LEHR is now a groundbreaking leader in the research and development of environmentally friendly technology.

Let It Bee
Booth Number: 420
Exhibitor Website: http://letitbeejewelry.com/

A few years ago, a phenomenon was first noticed by beekeepers: whole bee hives were unexplainably disappearing. This issue was soon dubbed colony collapse disorder, or CCD, and is marked when adult worker bees abruptly disappear from their colonies, while leaving behind immature bees, a live queen, and little to no dead bees in the hive. The cause or causes of these occurrences are not fully understood, but the consequences are significant: more than making honey, bees help pollinate many agricultural crops people enjoy eating, including apples, strawberries, almonds, soybeans, and cucumbers. As a response, I developed Let It Bee as a socially conscious line of jewelry that supports the research into the mysterious disappearance of our honey bees. 5% of each purchase will be donated to the research team at the College of Agricultural Sciences department at Penn State University to help further its research and hopeful resolution of this issue.

Booth Number: 410
Exhibitor Website: http://lifefactory.com

 Lifefactory designs and produces glass baby bottles and accessories with a patent-pending silicone sleeve for safety and sure handling.  Our bottles are BPA-free, functional, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Booth Number: 138
Exhibitor Website: http://www.advantagelightsource.com

Advantage Environmental utilizes state of the art 2W, 8W, and 13W solar collectors and integrates them into professional grade fixtures that provide compatible brightness and efficacy found in traditonal fixtures. Hybrid versions offer a secondary back-up lamp source and integral wiring for inclement weather.

Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation
Booth Number: 555
Exhibitor Website: http://lindablairworldheart.org/

LBWF is a non- profit, 501c3 tax deductible organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, neglected, and abandon animals from the harsh streets of the Los Angeles area, as well as from the overcrowded and overwhelmed city and county animal shelters.

Live Pine / Well Being Creator
Booth Number: 171
Exhibitor Website: http://www.livepine.com/

Story about the Pine Needles - The traditional oriental medical science books, Dongwee Bogam and Boncho Kangmok, describe the Pine Needle as a energy booster and anti-aging herb. The information in these books indicate that, if used consistently, the human body may experience benefits by taking Pine Needle. These include reversing the aging process, maintaining good health, physical strength, and vitality.

Pine needle tops According to these medical journals and other studies, Pine Needles have also been used for the maintenance of a healthy body and keeping energy levels up.


Los Angeles Daily News
Booth Number: 514
Exhibitor Website: http://www.dailynews.com/

The Los Angeles Newspaper Group is a renowned source for news and information in the Los Angeles Market. Trusted, award-winning local coverage makes LANG a leader in market circulation and readership. What's more, the purchasing power of LANG readers is one of the highest nationwide.

LT Generators
Booth Number: 279
Exhibitor Website: http://ltelectric.com/

LT Electric and Lighting, Inc., has been business since 1980. We are a C-10 Electrical Contractor and a B-1 General Contractor. We alone have serviced many custom estate homes, hotels, commercial and industrial businesses, and multi-unit complexes. We are committed to producing the highest quality work and have tremendous respect for each of our clients. We understand the needs of our clients; therefore, we pride ourselves on service. We take special care in our installations and warranty our work for 5 years. Our Company is fully insured and bonded.

LubriMatic Green
Booth Number: 316
Exhibitor Website: http://www.lubrimaticgreen.com

LubriMatic Green™ biobased greases, oils and spray lubricants are ecologically friendly and made from renewable U.S.A. grown crops.

Made in the Valley
Booth Number: 358
Exhibitor Website: http://www.madeinthevalley.net/

We welcome you to Made in the Valley "The Valley Girls Grew Up" - a company dedicated to empowering local women owned businesses and community charities. We invite you to support these entrepreneurial women who mentor each other and build community by giving back.

Booth Number: 619
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mamapalooza.com/Swirl.html

Mamapalooza is dedicated to serving, promoting, celebrating, encouraging, inspiring and awakening ALL mothers through Media, Commerce, Connection and Performing Fine Arts. Our mission is to enlighten and empower all women to claim their voice by:  Establishing a new art form that speaks to the unique and collective perspective of women who are mothers, while sharing this with the world, creating sustainable programming & opportunities through ongoing events, merchandising, and media presentations, acting as a resource and lifestyle guide for mothers seeking support in mainstream and alternative settings,  and supporting the choices mothers have made, while educating and empowering them in order to support these choices.

Marathon of Miracles
Booth Number: 615
Exhibitor Website: http://marathonofmiracles.org/

Marathon of Miracles is a Christian cancer outreach and wellness organization offering hope for the mind, body and spirit by inspiring, educating and empowering survivors and others that wish to thrive. Make a Donation Today!

Mariel's Kitchen
Booth Number: 468
Exhibitor Website: http://www.marielhemingway.com/

Treating your body like the temple it is can be delicious and fun—enjoying fresh, wholesome, kind-to-yourself food can be a fabulous gastronomical adventure. Within the sections of Mariel's Kitchen you will find links to healthy foods you can purchase, along with regular tips from culinary experts who know how to make food not only delectable, but healthful. You can feel terrific about preparing incredible meals and snacks for yourself and those you love. Learn to prepare food that fuels your mind, body and spirit to keep on growing in positive directions. Your body will thank you!

Martifer Solar
Booth Number: 507
Exhibitor Website: http://www.martifersolarusa.com/

Martifer Solar is an innovative energy solutions company that delivers and guarantees profitable economic performance combined with enduring environmental results. We specialize in the design, engineering and installation of residential, commercial, and industrial PV electric systems and components. With over a decade of experience in

California's solar energy industry, Martifer Solar's success is rooted in three core business values: setting the highest standard of client service in the industry, closely monitoring the performance of every product we use, and maintaining strong relationships with clients, business partners, and key players in the renewable energy field. info@martifersolarusa.com • www.martifersolarusa.com • 1-877 Solar-LA

Booth Number: 620 / 462
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mavea.com

MAVEA water filtration systems are an environmentally sustainable way to enjoy clean and great tasting water. It offers premium water filtration systems and pitchers. Our mission is to transform how people experience and value their water.  Driven by a passion for water as the essence of life, MAVEA filters and pitchers are designed to preserve the natural composition of water, while simultaneously answering today’s need for contaminant-free tap water, environmental responsibility, distinctive style and convenience. NEW GENERATION FILTER TECHNOLOGY Each of our filters provides great tasting water equivalent to 300 bottled water. • FlowControl TM ensures consistent flow rate • Quick preparation – no pre-soaking required • Micro-screen reduces black particles in your water • Activated carbon + ion exchange resin improves taste and reduces contaminants EUROPEAN STYLE & DESIGN • Convenient pour-through lid • Smart Meter measures volume of filtered water, water quality (hardness) and time • Neoprene handle and feet prevent sliding & scratching ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY • MAVEA has developed a comprehensive end-to-end recycling program that repurposes 100% of the MAVEA Maxtra filter materials • Recycling bins and mailing at MAVEA’s expense make it easy for consumers to return and recycle used filters CERTIFIED FILTRATION PERFORMANCE • Better water you can see and taste • WQA and NSF certified • Significantly reduces chlorine taste and odor, and other unwanted elements • Softens water for a great natural taste • Silverized filter inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria

Mega Solar
Booth Number: 238
Exhibitor Website: http://www.gomegasolar.com

Mega Solar Electric is a top-quality design and installation company specializing in Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Hot Water systems with a service territory that extends throughout Southern California. Created in 2001 under the name of Ojai Solar Electric by electrician Christopher Blunt, the company's early years were dedicated to meeting the growing demand for high-quality and affordable residential solar in Ventura County. Since then, the company has grown substantially, branching out into small commercial and public works projects, performing installations throughout the United States and completing more than 300 projects to date.

Midwestern Pet Food
Booth Number: 658
Exhibitor Website: http://www.earthbornholisticpetfood.com/

Earthborn Holistic® offers a wholesome approach to nutrition, with high-quality ingredients that nourish the whole dog. Every holistic dog food formula is designed to offer balanced nutrients that support your dog’s overall health and physical well-being.


Mobile Green Power
Booth Number: 301
Exhibitor Website: http://mobilegreenpower.com/

The Xtreme-grid from Mobile Green Power is a towable off-grid solar system. Plug it into your home and offset your utility bill and when an emergency or green event is ready to rent your system, simply unplug and tow it for a rental fee. Mobile Green Power provides everything you need to get a 30% Federal rebate (not a tax credit... but a cash rebate) since our customers are qualified clean energy business owners. We have been in the event business for enough years to know the biggest and most likely to rent green energy. We market to those events and distribute leads exclusively to our Network of Xtreme-grid customers. Come by our booth (#301) or visit our website at www.xtremegrid.com to learn more.

Mobu Herbals
Booth Number: 649
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mobuherbals.com/

Dating back 5,000 years to the origins of Homeopathy, till the early part of the 20th Century, a proven method for transporting healing compounds directly into the bloodstream, was “transdermally” (through the skin). Transdermal delivery systems avoid many inherent variables associated with oral alternatives including fluctuating transit times through the body, interaction with digestive fluids, in addition to overall side effects.

Mohr Power
Booth Number: 108
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mohrpower.com

Mohr Power Solar, Inc., is an established design, service, sales and installation solar contractor, specializing in solar electricity, solar pool / SPA heating, solar hot water heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Mohr power Solar, Inc., was founded in 1982 to promote the public awareness and supply a “ Clean Environmentally Safe Energy ” to the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. In addition, our company offers products, information and expertise to our customers nationwide, so if their is a question or a product that you are interested in, please contact us TOLL FREE at 1-(800) 637-6527.

Moore Solar & Green Construction
Booth Number: 270
Exhibitor Website: http://mooresolar.com/

Moore Solar is a full service, solar energy system developer and installer. Our mission is to deliver dependable solar power generation to homes and businesses. To achieve this mission, we have standardized the sale, delivery and installation of residential and commercial solar energy systems throughout southern California. From energy efficient light bulbs to attic insulation, we can give you the full picture while educating you on solar energy, how it works and how much is right for you. We have modeled our company to be to be able to give you the best service at the most competitive pricing possible. Solar is a passion of ours and we hope to make yours…

Natural Health Organic Farm
Booth Number: 462
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ashitabagreen.com/

Ashitaba is a unique Asian green vegetable rich in the highly potent antioxidant - chalcone. Recent studies in Japan and the US show that chalcone helps guard against heart problems, cancer, oxidation of LDL cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes and even Alzheimer's disease. Donald Buhler and his colleagues at Oregon State University discovered that the minute amount of chalcone present in hops was six times as potent as those antioxidants found in citrus fruits, almost four times as potent as those in soy and two times more potent than those of green tea. Over the past years, studies have indicated that exposure to toxins in our food and environment is a principal cause of degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, emphysema, allergy, and a host of others that are occurring in epidemic proportions and which modern medicine has been powerless to stop.

Natural Home Magazine
Booth Number:
Exhibitor Website: http://www.NaturalHomeMagazine.com/

Natural Home (www.NaturalHomeMagazine.com) is the authority on sustainable home design and materials, earth-friendly décor and natural lifestyles. Since 1999, health-conscious, environmentally concerned consumers have turned to Natural Home for information, advice and inspiration to create beautiful, earth-friendly living spaces

Natural Products for Pets Inc
Booth Number: 666
Exhibitor Website: http://dancingpaws.com/

Welcome to DancingPaws.com - home of high quality, natural supplements and treats for your pet. We take the health of dogs and cats seriously because we know that they are important members of your family, too! That's why we use only the best ingredients - in fact, our ingredients are "better than human quality." No wonder we are Holistic Veterinarian recommended.

Nature's Organic Pet
Booth Number: 660
Exhibitor Website: http://www.naturesorganicpet.com/

Nature’s Organic Pet was developed to formulate the highest quality natural products available for pets. Our products contain a unique combination of natural ingredients specifically formulated by a veterinarian to help promote the health and well-being of companion animals.

Nava natural
Booth Number: 435
Exhibitor Website: http://www.navanatural.com/

The Dead Sea is located in one of the most powerful places on our planet. It is 1373 feet (417 meters) below sea level. It has its own unique microclimate that contributes to the high salt concentration. 32% in comparison to the 3% in the ocean. Rich in many Minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium, twelve of these minerals are found in no other sea in the world. The rare minerals found in the Dead Sea happen to be an exact replica of the mineral composition of our own skin. In other words, your skin is able to absorb all of these nourishing minerals.

New York Times
Booth Number: 374
Exhibitor Website: http://www.nytimes.com/

The New York Times Company, a leading media company with 2008 revenues of $2.9 billion, includes The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, 15 other daily newspapers and more than 50 Web sites, including NYTimes.com, Boston.com and About.com. The Company’s core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment.

Booth Number: 131
Exhibitor Website: http://www.newtiques.com/

Our range of pine furniture is made using recycled old timber aging anywhere from 20 to 100 years old. The timber is saved form old buildings such as warehouses, offices, farms, barns and other abandoned structures. The wood that we use is specially selected for its wonderful color and graining. The recycled aged wood has many quirky imperfections such as divots, cracks, blemishes and nail holes which ultimately provide each finished piece of furniture with a distinct and unique look. The wood is painstakingly de-nailed before being sawn, planed and finally fashioned into this excellent range. It is then hand-finished with either a natural beeswax or painted finish.

Nintendo - Wii-Fitness
Booth Number: 281
Exhibitor Website: http://wiifit.com/

What is Wii Fit Plus? - Wii Fit Plus combines fun and fitness into one product. It can change how you exercise, how you balance, and even how you move. Expanding upon the original Wii Fit software, Wii Fit Plus is packed with every feature from Wii Fit—plus new exercises and tools to personalize your exercise routine. If you already have a profile on the original Wii Fit, you can easily transfer it over to Wii Fit Plus.

Nintendo / Wii Fit Plus
Booth Number:

Wii Fit Plus is the new, enhanced version of the original Wii Fit software, packed with every feature and exercise from the original Wii Fit in addition to new exercises, balance games and tools to personalize your exercise routine.


Nobska Technologies
Booth Number: 162
Exhibitor Website: http://nobskatech.com/

Patrick T. O'Regan Jr.


Mobile: 508.221.5574

Nuvo H2o
Booth Number: 111
Exhibitor Website: http://nuvoh2o.com/

The nuvoH2O systems were developed from this extensive commercial experience and include the same rigorous performance benefits for your home. The innovative, compact nuvoH2O Salt-Free Water Softeners are uniquely effective in softening your water while removing existing scale buildup from your pipes, fixtures, and appliances

Booth Number: 255
Exhibitor Website: http://www.myobon.com/

The philosophy behind O'BON is simple: Take a common school item, such as a pencil, and turn it into something exciting, something special, and something different. We strive to end the days when pencils came in bland colors, broke constantly and consumed valuable environmental resources. Made from old newspaper, and manufactured in a variety of designs and colors, our pencils are setting new standards for environmentally friendly school and office supplies. And pencils are only part of what we do. You will find that our entire line of school supplies is unique, exciting and fun.

Booth Number:
Exhibitor Website: http://www.omgym.com/

A fun new line of yoga exercise products representing empowerment, pleasure, creativity, simplicity, strength,healthy living, and exceptional effectiveness. Our mission is to encourage yogic philosophy from within, while offering the most enjoyable and powerful wellness tools available for personal care, development, and optimum health.

One World Vegetarian Cuisine
Booth Number: 614
Exhibitor Website: http://oneworldveggie.com/

Our mission is guided by a passion to provide healthy vegan food that will appeal to everyone. We strive to inspire others to enjoy eating foods that are pure vegetarian. Our commitment to redefining gourmet vegetarian cuisine begins with our unique animal-free creations and healthy, innovative dishes. We want to satisfy our customers with a truly One World Vegetarian menu that encompasses dishes with multi-cultural flare. We will use only the purest and finest seasonings and ingredients, ensuring that many cultures and tastes are represented in our original creations.

Orange TKO
Booth Number: 547
Exhibitor Website: http://tkoorange.com/

Orange TKO is a citrus cleaner/degreaser made from the peel of the orange. It is an emulsifier which contains no synthetic chemicals, petroleum distillates, or detergents. It is also 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Orange TKO comes as a concentrate which can be diluted with water to handle the toughest industrial cleaning problems, but is safe enough to use in the home, around children and animals.

Organic Excellence
Booth Number: 454
Exhibitor Website: http://www.organicexcellence.com/

Organic Excellence began as a small, home-based business in 1999 as one of only a few brands offering chemical free products. It has since grown into a worldwide company featuring high quality,100% chemical free and fragrance free health and personal care products with the added benefits of certified organic herbs. Environmentally friendly, safe, and effective, Organic Excellence is your chemical free healthy choice.

Booth Number: 367
Exhibitor Website: http://www.organicarchitect.com/

organicARCHITECT was founded in 1997 by Eric Corey Freed as an alternative to the traditional design practice. Today, our firm has grown to be a national thought-leader on the importance of sustainable and innovative design. We believe green design does not have to be boring. High end design and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. After all, in the future all buildings will be green. We believe this to be inevitable.

Booth Number: 248
Exhibitor Website: http://www.organickidz.ca/

World’s First Stainless Steel Baby Bottles by Canadian company organicKidz™! These award winning bottles are free of the BPA, PVC and Phthalates that can leach from plastic and won’t shatter like glass bottles. They’re easy to hold, hard to damage, light weight and dishwasher safe. organicKidz™ Baby Bottles are convertible to Sippy Cups and come in 4, 7 and 9oz sizes in a variety of cool designs! 9oz bottles are the only vacuum insulated baby bottles in the world and keep liquids hot or cold for 6+ hours. It’s not just what’s inside that counts – organicKidz™ BPA Free and Unbreakable


Oriental Medical Center
Booth Number: 351
Exhibitor Website: http://www.omcdrteng.com/home

Pulse Diagnosis on your wrist can read most of your illnesses and disorders of internal organs and musculoskeletal tissues!  It is a technique that takes doctor's talent and knowledge to find the root of your pathological/physiological problems without any aid of instrument.  Originated about a couple of thousand years ago in China, it is almost a lost skill today, and only a rare number of doctors practice it with confidence and accuracy.

Pacific Home Remodeling
Booth Number: 130 / 166
Exhibitor Website: http://www.pacifichomeremodeling.com/

Pacific Home Remodeling is one of the largest home improvement companies in Southern California. We have  proudly served Southern California for over 9 years with 19 years of experience in the remodeling business. Pacific Home Remodeling is licensed to work and serve satisfied customers in San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Ventura County. All together we have over 10,000 happy customers.

Pacific Kitchens and Baths
Booth Number: 148
Exhibitor Website: http://www.pacifickitchensandbaths.com

At Pacific Kitchens & Baths we are committed to your satisfaction and have prided ourselves on customer service. We are dedicated to kitchen and bath remodeling, reflecting the individual lifestyle of each homeowner. From initial conception to installation, we believe attention to details and communication with our clients is the key to our success. Whether you have your own ideas or need some guidance, our experienced and qualified kitchen & bath design professionals are here for you. Whatever your design choice, we offer the widest selection of quality materials, finishes and styles so you can choose what’s right for you. Our experienced craftsmen are specialists at everything from custom cabinets, countertops, to refacing. Also since we are the manufacturer, you get factory direct pricing! Find out how easy and affordable kitchen remodeling can be. If you would like a FREE, in-home consultation with one of our designers, just give us a call and we will set up a convenient time to visit you. (800) 784-0007

Pacific Monarch Resorts
Booth Number: 318
Exhibitor Website: https://pacificmonarchresorts.com/

At Monarch Grand Vacations we understand how important your vacations are. We've created spectacular resorts with fabulous vacation ambiances for you to share with the people who mean the most to you. We've set them amid the magic of spectacular locations, and we've tailored the ownership program to the way you like to vacation, putting the emphasis on flexibility and choice.

Booth Number: 629
Exhibitor Website: http://www.paleta.com/

PALETA provides home delivery of gourmet nutritionally balanced meals to the greater Los Angeles are. We prepare creative eco-conscious cuisine with an eclectic and healthy twist using some of the finest organic and locally harvested ingredients.

Pelcor North America
Booth Number: 347
Exhibitor Website: http://www.naturescork.com

Nature’s Cork is a fair-trade and eco-friendly company that is proud to be the North American distributor for Pelcor, the world’s premier in cork fashions. We strive to provide the best selection and quality of cork products through the elegant and unique pieces that we import from Portugal. Our products are not only beautiful and textural but they are remarkably durable and easy to keep clean. We carry everything from flooring to handbags, belts to travel gear and even home accessories made from the completely renewable outer bark of the cork oak tree. Bamboo clothing and accessories as well as a variety of fair-trade home accessories are available both on our website and in our store located on Amelia Island, Florida.

People Towels
Booth Number: 452
Exhibitor Website: http://peopletowels.com/

PeopleTowels is the newest concept in sustainability and the latest in eco-chic fashion. A Green alternative to paper towels in public facilties, these quick-drying, reusable personal hand towels are made of lightweight, 100% Organic, Fair Trade Cotton. PeopleTowels come in a variety of inspired designs, printed with eco-friendly dyes, to appeal to different tastes and styles. PeopleTowels are small enough to carry anywhere, and the custom-made fabric is absorbent enough to dry your hands, yet dries quickly. Convenient hangtags even allow you to easily clip or loop your PeopleTowel to your backpack, belt buckle or purse. PeopleTowels are a small sustainable lifestyle change that everyone can do for the planet.

PermaCity Solar
Booth Number: 216
Exhibitor Website: http://www.permacity.com

PermaCity was founded on a simple idea – our planet deserves to be run on pure environmental energy. Solar power is one of the most abundant, clean and cost effective resources on Earth. The convergence of photovoltaic systems, advanced software-driven monitoring and energy efficient building materials, allows PermaCity to design completely energy independent buildings. In the future, we hope to promote communities and cities that are 100% sustainable.

Pet Care Systems
Booth Number: 559
Exhibitor Website: http://swheatscoop.com/

In 1994, Mike Hughes, founder of Pet Care Systems (PCS), set out to create a litter that could be safer for pets, people and the environment without sacrificing performance. The result of his quest was Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter. PCS is an environmentally focused company located in Detroit Lakes, MN, in the heart of the Great Plains states. We hold three U.S. and European patents on our proprietary litter manufacturing process, with additional patents pending. We also manufacture a wheat-based product that serves as a litter and bedding for small domestic animals such as rabbits, ferrets and birds. Hundreds of testimonials from devoted consumers attest to the fact that these environmentally friendly products really work!

Pet Expo USA
Booth Number: 566
Exhibitor Website: http://www.petexpousa.net/

Pet Expo USA has been developed and inspired by the love of pets and people bringing them together in a unique series of events. Everyone enjoyed meeting Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer and seeing Tillman, the Skateboarding Dog perform throughout the day. We are proud to introduce this new type of pet expo with an emphasis on pet education, "green" pet products, and interactive demonstrations. Our goal at PET EXPO USA is to offer and deliver an unprecedented opportunity and platform for you to market, sell and showcase your products or services to a very select targeted audience. You should see the benefits for many years to come. With our Los Angeles and New York shows, we are partnering with gogreenexpo to create an amazing event full of new products, education, pet adoptions, and a lot of fun activities for all attendees. There are also amazing sponsorship opportunities for these events.

PHAT Energy
Booth Number: 306
Exhibitor Website: http://phatenergy.com/

Thank you for your interest in Phat Energy. We are not only a solar company, we are a new energy company that is involved in helping to solve the numerous challenges our customers are now having with the current energy infrastructure. We are interested in 3 principal issues: generating power, fueling transportation, and storing energy. Our team is motivated to make a difference in your life, either by showing you the financial logic of solar, or its practical advantages; either by erecting a building integrated energy structure, like a PHATport, or setting up an income stream for you by building your network of vehicle charging stations. Our objective is to make renewable energy options and recommendations available to you in ways that are sensible, practical and understandable. Renewable power can change your world; we want to help you optimize it.

Planet Matters
Booth Number: 371
Exhibitor Website: http://planetmatterswater.com/

Planet Matters products, are independently lab tested to be up to 99.99% effective in removing harmful contaminants. Over 2 million sold worldwide! Now you can drink safe, great tasting, chemically free water where ever you are, from any source except salt water. Our products are BPA-free and specifically designed to assure you that the water you are drinking is good tasting, fresh, and clean the moment you drink it regardless of the source - a river, lake, stream, and pond or straight out of the tap! Our bottles are made of #4 low density polyethylene (LDPE) and will not leach! Filters are replaceable and recyclable! We provide the convenient, efficient, easy-to-use, and economical solution with our line of Ionic Adsorption Micron Filters. We offer the only personal water filtration system capable of 99.8% reduction in all 4 areas of contamination!

Plug In America
Booth Number: 310
Exhibitor Website: http://www.pluginamerica.org

Plug In America is an effective grass-roots organization advocating tirelessly for the production of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. As the only non-profit organization focusing solely on electric transportation, Plug In America is proud to be the loudest voice promoting clean, efficient, battery-driven cars. We will not rest until Americans have the chance to plug into cleaner personal transportation choices. Plug In America drives change. We accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment.

Plug In Solutions
Booth Number: 332
Exhibitor Website: http://pluginsolutions.com/

Convert your hybrid to an electric Vehicle with our Newly released 5Kw and 10Kw System. Our 10 Kw system will go 50 Miles in STRAIGHT ELECTRIC MODE… have an electric car for less than $11000.00 * 10 Year Lithium Phosphate Batteries *Lightweight (less than 150 lbs) *Installation is 1 day *5 hour charge time 115 VAC Currently Installing our system on Prius. **Soon to offer kits for Highlander, Camry, Lexus, Tahoe, Escalade,

Yukon, and Ford Escape Projected Delivery is first quarter 2010.

Positive Thought Brand International
Booth Number: 432
Exhibitor Website: http://www.positivethoughtbrand.com/

PTB is a one of a kind inspirational apparel and gifts company. We carry a variety of Organic Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo apparel, and more! The goal and vision of Positive Thought Brand is to encourage, uplift, and spread positive vibrations throughout the world, one person at a time.

PR Concepts
Booth Number: 263
Exhibitor Website: http://prconceptsonline.com/

Prconcepts Inc. has the fundamental technology to make diverse ceramic balls which is able to radiate far infrared ray, to sterilize germs, to save detergent, water and our mother nature.

Booth Number: 116
Exhibitor Website: http://pregra.com/

Pregra is committed to driving down the cost of Artificial Grass. We have teamed with companies such as Costco.com to help make ordering easy.Our model is simple; to make our premium landscape quality products available to all through our network of Pregra Authorized Dealers, Installers, national retailers and online from Pregra.

Presidio Graduate School
Booth Number: 512
Exhibitor Website: http://www.presidioedu.org/

Presidio is the largest and fastest growing graduate school designed around the principles of sustainability. As a pioneer in higher education, Presidio has both helped define and expand the field with our distinctive Master degrees and Executive programs. Our interdisciplinary and systemic approach provides rigor and relevance by infusing sustainability into every discipline while emphasizing an action-oriented learning process that is highly practical. As a result, our graduates bring extraordinary value and operational insight to their chosen professions.

Prevailing Wind Power
Booth Number: 228
Exhibitor Website: http://www.prevailingwindpower.com/

Prevailing Wind Power sells and installs custom residential, agricultural, and commercial wind power and solar systems. We provide full service in getting you connected with renewable energy and saving money on electricity.

Print Responsibly: OnDemand Color Group
Booth Number: 425
Exhibitor Website: http://www.printresponsibly.com

PrintResponsibly.com was founded on the principle that sustainability is vital to the long-term success of any business. In the printing industry, new technologies have made it possible to virtually eliminate the negative impact that traditional methods have had on the environment. We also know that sustainability can be achieved without sacrificing your profit objectives.

The PrintResponsibly.com founders have nearly four decades of experience in the industry and have invested heavily in the technology and processes that foster sustainability. All of our production plants are FSC/SFI certified and our corporate philosophy is to seek continuous improvement towards our goal of achieving a carbon neutral footprint.

Progressive Insulation & Windows
Booth Number: 327
Exhibitor Website: http://www.progressiveiw.com/default.asp

Professionally installed insulation is an important part of your home's "Thermal Envelope". It's one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. When you install Formaldehyde-free™ home insulation, along with new energy efficient replacement windows and doors, you have effectively placed a Thermal Envelope around your home that will keep you comfortable year 'round and keep your energy bills down. Insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter, which lowers your heating costs. In the summer insulation keeps your home cooler, which eases the load on your air conditioner. Insulation can actually absorb sound, reducing the unwanted noise from appliances, audio equipment, conversation and other sources of sound that are transmitted through your walls and floors. Insulation also keeps your family more comfortable by making it easier for your furnace or air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature.  JM fiber glass insulation in particular promotes better air quality and a healthier environment for you and your family because it's Formaldehyde-free™. Also, insulation retards the growth of potentially hazardous mold and mildew in your walls and ceilings that can result from trapped moisture.


Pure Green LLC
Booth Number: 109
Exhibitor Website: http://www.puregreen24.com

Pure Green, LLC is the international distributor of PureGreen24 Disinfectant and Deodorizer. PureGreen24 is the first Green disinfectant registered by the Federal EPA; “your only choice for a proven green disinfectant”. Pure Green, LLC is dedicated to reducing health risks caused by exposure to viruses, fungi and bacteria without endangering humans and animals during the disinfecting process. PureGreen24 kills MRSA, VRE, and Staph, yet also kills common household germs and is safe for use in the presence of children and animals. PureGreen24 is based on a patented Silver Ion SDC technology that is a true “green” disinfectant with 24 hour effectiveness. Pure Green, LLC is further distinguished by donating 10% of profits to charities which support children’s health, cancer research and animal protection. Additional information about PureGreen24 is available at www.puregreen24.com.

RCC Solar
Booth Number: 140
Exhibitor Website: http://www.rccsolar.com/

RCC Solar is the company known throughout the Inland Empire in Southern California for exceptional solar power options and solar electric systems. Whether you want residential solar power or commercial solar systems, RCC Solar is your company of choice. RCC delivers solar options with quality, integrity, and great pricing.

Real Goods Solar
Booth Number: 267
Exhibitor Website: http://www.realgoodssolar.com/

For over 30 years Real Goods has led the Sustainable Living market through sales, education and installation of solar and other renewable energy products. As the original and most experienced solar installer, we are ideally positioned to install solar on your home or business. In fact, there has never been a better time to go solar! Rebates and tax incentives like those in Colorado and California have made solar power systems more affordable than ever! The decision to go solar is the first step. Now you must choose an experienced, reliable partner to walk you through the process–from design to installation to rebate paperwork–we're with you every step of the way.

REC Solar
Booth Number: 337
Exhibitor Website: http://www.recsolar.com

REC Solar, Inc. specializes in grid-tied solar electric design and installation, offering the latest technology, state of the art equipment, and financing opportunities for all commercial and residential customers. We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers, designers, and installers to make solar a turnkey solution for our customers. With a focus on quality, professionalism, and services, REC Solar has excelled to become a trusted market leader.

Redmoon Custom Pet Food
Booth Number: 561
Exhibitor Website: http://www.redmoonpetfood.com/

RedMoon Custom Pet Food Inc. is the one pet food producer in the world that invites you to participate in the process of creating food specific to your pet's needs. Named for the Harvest and the Blood Moon, RedMoon offers the only fully customizable pet food where you select the ingredients your pet needs to be their best.

Booth Number: 552
Exhibitor Website: http://www.regreet.com/

reGreet greeting kits and card organizers enable eco- and budget-conscious consumers to reuse greeting cards using chic labels, envelopes and notepaper made of recycled materials. In addition to keeping cards out of the recycling bin and trash can, reGreet users can track the journey of the cards they send online using a unique "journey" label they attach when they send a card along. Using reGreet is a fun easy way to get more mileage from your greeting cards!


Run for Water Los Angeles event
Booth Number:
Exhibitor Website: http://runforwaterlosangeles.com

Join the Dow | Live Earth Run for Water Los Angeles on April 18 to raise awareness about the shortage of water locally and around the world. With a 6K run/walk and exciting Water Village activities and exhibits, including an A-list artist in concert, the Run for Water Los Angeles event will be one of the largest Earth Week events in L.A. http://runforwaterlosangeles.com.

Rushforth Solar
Booth Number: Virtual Exhibitor
Exhibitor Website: http://www.RushforthSolar.com

RUSHFORTH SOLAR designs and installs fuel saving Solar Hot Water systems and high efficiency heaters for buildings using lots of hot water around Philadelphia. Great subsidies are available now. www.RushforthSolar.com – 610 520 1968.


Sahaja Meditation Group
Booth Number: 455
Exhibitor Website: http://sahajayogala.org/

Sahaja Meditation awakens an ancient energy within you, which balances your life and improves your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. "You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the power that created you". Quote by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Meditation. Our product is the awakening of this energy and related side effects which include stress relief, a sense of inner peacefulness and joy.


Samson Brands
Booth Number: 608
Exhibitor Website: http://www.samsonjuicers.com/

In October 1992, Curtis C. Choe formed Kemee & Company in Fullerton, California for the purpose of selling small appliances. It was about this time that Mr. Choe, an avid juicer, began searching for a juicer that best suited his needs. It was through his research and use of various juicers that led him to introduce and pioneer the Single Auger, Multi-purpose Juice Extractor to the US and Canadian markets under the brand name of "OSCAR": which was replaced by "Green Power" later. In 1999, Samson Life, Inc. was formed with a single goal in mind to sell the best juice extractor on the market. Today consumers all over North America are enjoying the use of OSCAR or Green Power Juice Extractors. Green Power is recognized as the premier juicer by those who enjoy the finest quality that juicing has to offer.

Sapothecary Soaps
Booth Number: 446
Exhibitor Website: http://sapothecary.com/

Welcome to Sapothecary, makers of handcrafted, artisan quality, essential oil scented, private label bar soap. Like apothecary shops of past times, we use handpicked botanical ingredients in precise combinations to create luxurious bar soaps for the discerning client. From a soothing, moisturizing facial bar to a gritty, scrub-your-hands-clean-after-working-in-the-garden bar, we create cold-processed soaps which gently cleanse the skin while allowing the bather a chance to experience the complex scents and sensations of the plant world.

Sauce on Hampton
Booth Number: 633
Exhibitor Website: http://sauceonhampton.com/

Walk into Sauce on Hampton on any day of the week and Sassan is there to give you a warm welcome, cook you a great breakfast, lunch or dinner and maybe even give you one of his delicious cookies. And if it’s a Saturday or Sunday, Saul can be found sitting at an outside table, enjoying one of the most popular burgers on the menu, Gilda’s Garden, named after mom Rostamian.

Booth Number: 159
Exhibitor Website: http://scopela.org/

Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (S.C.O.P.E.) is a grassroots organization based in South Los Angeles and has been working since 1993 to address poverty and create economic opportunities for low-income communities through community organizing, leadership development, strategic alliance building, research, training and capacity building, and policy advocacy. SCOPE is currently working on developing pathways out of poverty and revitalizing the inner city by connecting low-income communities to quality green jobs.

Sea Bright Solar
Booth Number: 133
Exhibitor Website: http://seabrightsolar.com/

Solar energy is a vast, clean resource and a viable alternative to the expensive, depleting fossil fuels that currently pollute our air and water, threaten our health, and greatly contribute to the negative effects of global warming. Solar energy is there for the taking, and utilizing such an abundantly available, nonpolluting resource is a responsibility we owe ourselves, our children, and all future generations. Being earth-friendly is a great benefit of using solar power, but another important benefit is the cost. Sunshine is, and always will be, FREE! Let Sea Bright Solar help you generate a free and endless supply of inexhaustible energy from the sun for your electricity and hot-water heat.

Sencha Naturals
Booth Number: 635
Exhibitor Website: http://senchanaturals.com/

Sencha Naturals was created by David Kerdoon after his trek to Asia in 2001. Through his journeys to different parts of the region, he discovered the many benefits of tea and learned of the extensive research being conducted about this fragile, yet potent plant called ‘Camellia sinensis’. From learning how tea is cultivated and reading about the proposed medicinal benefits of tea, he began exploring the variety of possibilities of green tea...particularly a grade of tea referred to as ‘Sencha’. David discovered that green tea was being used in a variety of products from toothpastes, to gum and soaps, to skin care products throughout Asia.

Siliken Renewable Energy
Booth Number: 168
Exhibitor Website: http://www.silikenusa.com/

Siliken Renewable EnergySiliken Renewable Energy is engaged in the business of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), turnkey solar solutions, sale and development of commercial and utility scale grid-tied photovoltaic (pv) solar systems. Siliken has extensive Vertical Integration by manufacturing their own electronics-grade silicon, inverters, production equipment and PV solar panel modules. Siliken panels power one of the world’s largest PV solar parks in Olmedilla, Spain of 60MW. With innovative products and solutions successfully implemented across the United States and around the world, Siliken is a global leader in solar power. Every Siliken installation is backed by proven reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Siliken is a private company so the quality of our organization, product and installation is done with the interest of our client in mind, not public shareholders. Most important, you know the solar installation is backed by the strength, stability and availability of a U.S. manufacturer with a truly global reach.

Silo Ink
Booth Number: 521
Exhibitor Website: http://siloink.com/

Silo Ink provides environmentally sustainable high-capacity inkjet printer cartridges for the home, office, and classroom. Our products and services follow the three main themes of “going green:” Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Sit Means Sit
Booth Number: 1027
Exhibitor Website: http://www.sitmeanssit.com/

Kenyon Evers: Kenyon Evers a retired law enforcement officer with over half of his career spent as a K-9 Handler assigned to S.W.A.T. He is also a police K-9 instructor for Patrol K-9’s, Narcotic and Explosive dogs. He has been a military Scout Dog handler. A Handler/Trainer in the private sector for Contraband dogs used in schools to discourage the possession of drugs, alcohol and firearms on school campuses, and bomb detection at large events. He is a graduate of the “Sit Means Sit” school for remote collar training. Also a Therapy Dog Handler with two registered Therapy Dogs making visits to Hospice Facilities. Luciano Aguilar: Luciano Aguilar began his career training dogs in the United States Air Force; he ended his career in the military working for the elite Presidential K9 Unit at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. After leaving the Air Force, Luciano joined the Sit Means Sit team and opened the Los Angeles Dog Training branch. Luciano has been featured in popular shows like Sabado Gigante, Alarma TV, El Gordo Y La Flaca and is currently the resident Pet Pro for Raycom Media’s “America Now” a news magazine show where he gives an inside look at the relationship between man and dog. Giving Luciano’s expertise in bite prevention he is regularly invited as a guest speaker for children at various schools and for letter carriers with the United States Postal Service. America Now:

America Now - http://www.14wfie.com/category/200807/america-now

Skoy Enterprises
Booth Number: 128
Exhibitor Website: http://www.skoycloth.com/

The idea originated when Michelle was living in Europe in the late 90’s. She discovered a product that was similar to the SKOY cloth and it was just amazing. Over time she found the cloth to be indispensible. When she moved back to the US, she realized that the use of a sponge was inadequate and the excessive use of paper towels, wasteful. Michelle searched and searched for a similar cloth and nothing even compared; nothing was of the same caliber. This is when Michelle introduced the cloth to Karen. She immediately fell in love with it and could not imagine cleaning with anything else.’ We then put our heads together and discussed a way to bring this product to the US with the requirement that it meet our high standard. Now we are so excited to be able to offer the SKOY cloth to you—which is everything that we had hoped it would be.

Sleep & Beyond
Booth Number: 554
Exhibitor Website: http://www.sleepandbeyond.com

Sleep & Beyond Organics is one of the few direct manufacturers of luxurious certified organic bedding. Since 1992, we have been providing our customers with hypoallergenic and chemical free bedding to ensure a better night’s sleep. Our manufacturing units are ISO and Fair Trade Certified for quality control management, fair trade labor and environmentally friendly practices. Wind power is used as an environment friendly energy source. We welcome our customers to visit our beautiful showroom located in 14189 Foothill Boulevard #108, Fontana, Southern California. Always progressing and innovating, Sleep & Beyond Organics is the company you can rely on in the sleep industry.Sleep & Beyond Organics is one of the few direct manufacturers of luxurious certified organic bedding. Since 1992, we have been providing our customers with hypoallergenic and chemical free bedding to ensure a better night’s sleep. Our manufacturing units are ISO and Fair Trade Certified for quality control management, fair trade labor and environmentally friendly practices. Wind power is used as an environment friendly energy source. We welcome our customers to visit our beautiful showroom located in 14189 Foothill Boulevard #108, Fontana, Southern California. Always progressing and innovating, Sleep & Beyond Organics is the company you can rely on in the sleep industry.

Booth Number: 134
Exhibitor Website: http://www.smart2begreen.com

smart2begreen is a website and subscribable eco-newsletter that can help rejuvenate your mornings with a little bit of humor and some tasty morsels of environmental know-how. Just sign-up to receive our eNewsletter and we’ll send along some tips, such as where you can go to make a few bucks off of your can and bottle collection. We’ll also give you eco-friendly details on energy conservation, recycling, personal care products, organic foods and energy-efficient products, all for the low, low cost of FREE. With Smart2begreen you can learn how to shop smart, live smart, and even be smart.

Soda Stream
Booth Number: 525
Exhibitor Website: http://www.sodastream.com/

SodaStream brings eco-conscious consumers the smarter way to enjoy sparkling water and soda, without aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Home soda making systems inject carbonation directly into the water you would drink- from the tap or filter- to make delicious sparkling water and soda in seconds without using batteries or electricity. A reusable cylinder that can carbonate up to 60 liters of sparkling water is what gives SodaStream machines the power to make bubbles without the bottles. And, when your cylinder is empty, SodaStream will take it back to clean, re-fill and re-use it. With over 25 concentrated sodamix flavors, you can turn your home-made sparkling water into conventional soda without travel emissions or even the high-fructose corn syrup. It’s estimated that the average American consumes nearly 600 bottles and cans of sparkling water and soda: and too many of those containers end up clogging our streets, cities and landfills. Let SodaStream liberate you from the unnecessary waste and pollution from your sparkling water and soda.

Solar LED Innovations
Booth Number: 369
Exhibitor Website: http://www.solargoose.com/

We are committed to preserving the environment and reducing pollution. Our products are innovative and practical. Applications include: Practical Inspection lighting for: boats, trucks, RV's, mechanical, electric, construction, plumbers, medical, hobbies, etc.Lightweight versatile lighting for: Camping, hiking, boating, power outages, etc. Emergency lighting for: Police, fire, rescue, hurricane, ice storms, etc.


Solar Tec
Booth Number: 215
Exhibitor Website: http://runsolar.net/

Solar-Tec Systems, INC is a licensed, bonded and insured California Solar Energy and General Building Contractor that specializes in quality residential and commercial solar electric power and solar hot water heating system installations. We offer quality professional solar system installations for the best prices. We install grid tie solar electric power systems that qualify for the California Energy Commission California Solar Initiative Program (CSI) rebates and the California New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) solar rebates. Solar-Tec Systems, INC has more than seven years experience in the design, installation and commissioning of utility grid tie residential and commercial solar electric power systems in California. We have been installing the Heliodyne Gobi solar hot water heating systems on homes, businesses, at the California State Parks and California Federal Government building facilities since 1998. We are an experienced California alternative energy contractor that brings continuity to your solar energy system installation.

Booth Number: 153

Please visit our booth for details!

Booth Number: 149
Exhibitor Website: http://solarattic.com/

SolarAttic's "Conservation Technology" is now poised to eliminate 586 million barrels of imported oil annually. View our simple calculations on how our technology can do this. SolarAttic developed its first solar pool heater in 1986 based on recovering wasted attic heat energy. Most swimming pool owners have a home with a hot attic that can be used to heat their swimming pool for $15/month or less. The solar heat energy found within the roof and attic structure is derived from the sun's solar radiation. Over twenty years of field experience with its patented new solar technology has taught Solar Attic that its solar pool heater performed on par with the roof mounted solar pool heater.

Booth Number: 207
Exhibitor Website: http://solarrific.com/

Solarrific aims to change the way the world views alternative energy. Believing that solar and dynamo technology contributes to a greener, healthier world, the professionals at Solarrific manufacture over 50 products that utilize this technology. Solarrific makes alternative energy a viable option for everyday people by offering a product line that encompasses everything under the sun. From electric shavers and flashlights to portable radios and water fountain, Solarrific is committed to providing innovative products that benefit consumers and planet earth. Solarrific is actively seeking likeminded distribution partners and welcomes product development opportunities.

SolarWorld California
Booth Number: 230
Exhibitor Website: http://www.solarworld-usa.com/

The SolarWorld Group is one of the largest solar energy businesses in the world. SolarWorld’s family of companies are dedicated exclusively to the business of solar energy, combining all stages of the solar photovoltaic (PV) value chain, from the raw material silicon to turn-key solar power plants. SolarWorld operates production facilities in the USA and in Germany as well as sales offices around the world.

Southern California Gas Company
Booth Number: 229
Exhibitor Website: http://socalgas.com

Southern California Gas Co. is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, providing safe and reliable energy to 20.5 million consumers in more than 500 communities. Ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Residential Natural Gas Service in the Western United States.” – according to the 2009 study by J.D. Power and Associates. For details, visit www.jdpower.com,www.socalgas.com or visit us at booth #229.

Sovereign Earth
Booth Number: 448
Exhibitor Website: http://sovereignearth.com/

Sovereign Earth, originators of the patented, eco-friendly, stainless steel portable water filtration bottle for home, work, school, and travel. Saving the environment and your pocketbook, its simply the healthiest way to go green!

Spork Foods
Booth Number: 535
Exhibitor Website: http://sporkfoods.com/

Spork Foods is a Los Angeles-based gourmet vegan food company owned and operated by sisters Jenny and Heather Goldberg. Our delicious, innovative cuisine emphasizes organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. We offer cooking classes, food consultation, and catering.

Stephie's Candles / AIO
Booth Number: 549
Exhibitor Website: http://stephiescandles.com/

To sell products which are health conscious, wellness oriented, and environmentally friendly. We strive to create an extraordinary range of products that are safe and pure while expanding efficacy and sustaining the ideals of good health. Our goal is to create a greener future, at affordable prices for everyone.

Su Nido
Booth Number: 356
Exhibitor Website: http://ojainow.com/

Conveniently located in the heart of Ojai, California with magnificent Topa Topa mountain views and across from the newly renovated Soule Golf course (rated 4 stars from Golf Digest), Libbey Park (host to numerous festivals, concerts and events throughout the year) and numerous art galleries and spas.

Sunrider International
Booth Number: 456
Exhibitor Website: http://sunrider.com/Home.aspx

Since 1982, Sunrider International has helped people around the world achieve success and financial independence with our rewarding business opportunity. We are also a premier manufacturer of high-quality herbal products. Please browse our website to learn more about us.

Sunsational Skylight
Booth Number: 219
Exhibitor Website: http://123skylights.com/

Please visit our booth for details.

Supreme Master Television
Booth Number: 234
Exhibitor Website: http://www.suprememastertv.com

SUPREME MASTER TV is a free-to-air satellite channel broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a variety of engaging programs in English with over 40 languages and subtitles. Being the ideal television channel that brings to your life Nobility and Spirituality. Broadcasting on 14 satellites platforms across the globe.

Synergy Clothing Company
Booth Number: 447
Exhibitor Website: http://www.synergyclothing.com/

Synergy was established with the vision of being a blend of Eastern and Western influence, a Synergy of design influence. Our clothing is handmade in both Nepal and India, drawing on Asia's rich tradition of textile design and infusing a fresh modern, Western design ethos. We create clothing that has both unusual details and grpahics, while also exuding easy simplicity. We hope you enjoy!

Tag it Green
Booth Number: 540
Exhibitor Website: http://tagitgreen.com/

tag it green is a jewelry line with pendants made out of recycled materials promoting environmentally friendly practices.  By wearing a tag it green necklace, you are making a commitment to sustain the planet.  Every little effort helps and together we can make a difference.

Taylors Tonics
Booth Number: 617
Exhibitor Website: http://taylorstonics.com/

America’s most innovative Soda Kitchen. Procuring flavors from around the world and bringing them deep within Redwood Country, Taylor’s Tonics kettle brews choice spices, estate grown teas, and other organic marvels to create elixirs that are revitalizing, refreshing, and truly one of a kind.

Terramor Organic Home
Booth Number: 417
Exhibitor Website: http://www.terramororganic.com/

Terramor Organic Home is your source for organic, non-toxic products to help you and your family live a healthy, joyous, environmentally-sustainable lifestyle!  Allergies… asthma… “Sick Building Syndrome”…cancer…are these affecting your life? No surprise there; incidents of these conditions have risen sharply in recent decades, and researchers strongly suspect that toxic chemicals in products we use everyday are responsible. According to the Canadian Lung Association and Asthma Society, asthma has increased by 600% since 1980. ADD/ADHD has become an epidemic. Behavioral problems have long been linked to exposure to toxic chemicals. Formaldehyde, phenol, benzene, toluene, and xylene --all found in common household cleaners, mattresses and fabrics -- are toxic to the immune and nervous systems, most of us assume cotton is a healthy, natural material. But it’s the third most heavily-sprayed crop in the world, treated with thousands of different chemicals in the manufacturing process!* But there’s good news, too. Now you can choose smarter for yourself and your family—and at the same time, enjoy the process of healing both yourself and the planet! *We offer dozens of products for bed, bath and baby, all made from non-toxic, organic, sustainably-harvested materials, including 100 percent organic cotton. Terramor Organic Home is the healthy choice for those who want to improve their life, leave a lighter footprint on the environment – and have some fun while doing it. Join us as we take a healthy step into a better future.

The Closet Guy
Booth Number: 126
Exhibitor Website: http://www.theclosetguy.net/index.html

The Closet Guy is an innovative company that designs and installs custom storage systems for both home and office. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve earned our reputation with unique design, superior craftsmanship and exceptional service. The Closet Guy has redefined the word affordable, giving consumers an opportunity to perfect their homes with premium custom closets at 20% to 40% less than the larger closet companies. The Closet Guy offers a full line of custom home storage solutions for bedroom reach-in and walk-in closets, utility and pantry shelving, garage cabinets, media units and more. We offer a vast array of finishes, colors and accessories, using the highest quality materials and components. Our units are fully adjustable and floor-based to ensure stability. From our initial consultation, to custom-tailored designs, to the highest quality product construction, The Closet Guy offers the best value in the industry.

The eCenter
Booth Number: 209
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ecenterwellness.com/

Dynamic, innovative, and results-driven all describe Jocelyne Eberstein, founder of the E Center. Established in 1990, the E Center was the first center in California to embrace and implement a truly integrated approach employing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Natural Medicine. Her understanding is that in healthcare one size does not fit all, so each patient receives personalized attention and a customized program. The common denominator? Those coming to her are looking to be the person that they once were or maintain their current level of energy and vitality. The most common response after working with Jocelyne? "I've got my life back!" Her process? Working with the patient to find one door, one place to start the sequence that creates the shift toward optimal health. Her gift? Finding that door. Once the door is opened the patient gets a personalized health management strategy. With the E Center's proprietary programs Jocelyne can determine the most effective methods of staging and weaving therapeutic programs, and incorporating multiple therapies based on personal life and lifestyle issues and challenges. When all is said and done the patient clearly and simply gets the best results possible. With her expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Natural Medicine as well as her experience with Functional Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Metabolic Stimulation using First Line Therapy, Chinese Gynecology, NAET (allergy desensitization), NET (emotional desensitization), and Acupuncture Orthopedics combined with creativity and ingenuity Jocelyne Eberstein has developed one of the most effective wellness practices in Southern California

The Eco Luxe Life
Booth Number: 517
Exhibitor Website: http://theecoluxelife.com/

The EcoLuxeLife (TELL) is the leading on-line marketplace for eco-friendly shopping. From eco-beauty, baby, pets and home, TELL has everthing you will want and need to lead a healthier lifestyle that will benefit not only you but the planet. At TheEcoLuxeLife.com you will also find a premiere eco resource with a wealth of information on all facets of green life. From product write ups to expert interviews to consumer evaluations, you will be able to find the latest and greatest green information, tips, and lifestyle products. Check out our $25 membership which entitles you to sacks of sample eco-goodies 4 times per year!

The Kennel Club LAX
Booth Number: 654
Exhibitor Website: http://kennelclublax.com/

What better way to show you love your pet than a dream vacation at The Kennel Club LAX, the antidote to kennelization! Located adjacent to the Los Angeles International airport (LAX), we pamper your pet in a safe, healthy, and most importantly, caring environment. We provide pets the utmost in vacation stays, and doggie daycare, offering the largest accommodations from standard lodging to luxury suites! You can even customize your pet’s stay by choosing from an assortment of discounted Activity Packages! Please accept our invitation to visit The Kennel Club LAX! We’d love to meet you, and show you the very special accommodations and services we provide to our four-legged guests! (Come see us at our booth for some exciting Kennel Club LAX specials

The Living Temple
Booth Number: 416
Exhibitor Website: http://www.thelivingtemple.com/

Robin Arthur Jones has delved into and has been researching Health, Nutrition and Freethinking Information since 1995. After learning and adopting new diets, practices and ways of thinking he began to share his knowledge with the community around him. He opened up what is now The Living Temple in 1998. Today, The Living Temple is in it’s second location in Huntington Beach’s Old World Village. Here it continues to expand the minds, hearts, and connection of people throughout Southern California. You can meet speakers on topics from Health and Nutrition to Ancient Civilizations and Spirituality on a regular basis. You can come to watch inspiring and unique movies. You can enjoy a Raw Food Festival. You can come to learn or just, to stock the high energy products to sustain yourself, or just share in the community of great people.

The Soi Company
Booth Number: 251
Exhibitor Website: http://www.thesoico.com

The SOI Company was founded with the idea of creating a healthier environment in your home through beautifully crafted, all-natural soy products. SOI Candles are hand-poured using 100%, FDA approved, kosher soy oil and burn cleaner than paraffin-based candles. Available in a variety of sizes, our candles burn about 140 hours (about 40% longer than wax candles), are soot-free and do not emit any harmful toxins (like Benzene) into your home. Unlike wax, soy oil burns coolly at 106º into a reflective pool of soy that always remains warm to the touch and will not burn little hands.

The Ultimate Green Store
Booth Number: 508
Exhibitor Website: http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=158958&u=388876&m=20018&urllink=&afftrack=

As the ultimate web-based destination for eco-conscious shoppers, The Ultimate Green Store provides a collection of many of the finest environmentally friendly products for you, your home, office, kids and even your pets! We also have an incredible collection of gifts for any occasion and you may personalize your shopping experience by creating a wishlist or custom gift registry for your special event!

We carry products from many of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of sustainable, natural, organic, recycled, eco-friendly goods- products that are made with your health and the health of our planet in mind. Many of these companies are amongst the most socially responsible companies around. We also carry some green products made by companies that did not start out with environmental concerns in mind, but now realize the importance of sustainable practices and production in launching green lines within their category. We hope that in supporting these manufacturers, they will continue to move in this positive direction.

At the Ultimate Green Store, you will find that shopping green is hardly a sacrifice. Quite to the contrary, you will find beautiful, cool, hip, colorful, fun, effective, beautifully smelling, quality products that stand on their own. And, if you want to learn more, we have provided you with information about each manufacturer and their lines so that you can better understand the benefits to you and our planet of all the different products we offer.

Please enjoy the ultimate green shopping experience!

The Woven Company
Booth Number: 366
Exhibitor Website: http://www.thewovencompany.com/

The Woven Company is the evolution of over 25 years of commitment, service, and experience by the Nguyen Family (pronounced Win), making shades, window dressings and other home accessories for leaders in the interior design industry. Working with top designers over the years, our family listened to their desire for unique, one of a kind, high quality products made from only the best materials. Now with The Woven Company, We have created a brand worthy of your trust.

Theo Chocolate
Booth Number: 625
Exhibitor Website: http://www.theochocolate.com

Theo produces premium, organic, fair trade and specialty chocolate. Our founder, Joseph Whinney, pioneered the manufacture and supply of organic chocolate products as the first importer of organic cocoa beans into North America in 1994. Over a decade later, Theo is proud to be the only roaster of organic cocoa beans and the first roaster of Fair Trade certified cocoa beans in the United States. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they meet our standards for social and environmental responsibility.

Booth Number: 252
Exhibitor Website: http://www.tomatkids.com/

Tomat was created by a graphic designer mom to feed the need for parents and kids who's hungry for something different. Inspired by vintage looks with a modern twist, Tomat's designs for baby & toddler are playful and so cool! The tomat organic collection consists of onesies, dresses and shirts that are Made in USA, using 100% organic cotton with water-based silk screened, make Tomat's products good for you and the planet too. Tomat is for your fun and funky organic little monkey...

Totum - GoGreen Design / Build
Booth Number: 211
Exhibitor Website: http://www.gogreencalifornia.com/

At Go Green Construction we pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship using renewable, sustainable materials. Our homes offer an attractive alternative to traditional construction while promoting a healthier environment for our clients and the planet.

Transition Nutrition
Booth Number: 401
Exhibitor Website: http://transitionnutrition.com

With over 35 years as a raw food practitioner and consultant, David Kaplan developed Parent Company Transition Nutrition to import and distribute the finest raw ingredients from around the world. The product line includes award winning Bliss Mix, "Best Tasting" raw chocolates and "Best in Show" ROYAL HIMALAYAN Salt. The company also distributes the finest quality, gourmet raw Gojiberries, Organic Cashews, Almonds, Macadamia nuts, Coconut Oil, Irish Moss, Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Organic Cacao products from Ecuador and Venezuela, Thai Coconut Water, Sun-Dried Durian and more. Feed your soul DIVINE ORGANICS and ROYAL HIMALAYAN superfood delights. Experience a session on the MRS2000 electromagnetic energy mat, the highest rated magnetic resonance device for overall well being. Representatives will be accepting orders on site.

Booth Number: 112
Exhibitor Website: http://transoptic.com/

Dr. Behzad Imani is a Founder and President of Transoptic. Dr. Imani received his Ph.D. in electro-optical instruments from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1985. His career has included engineering roles at semiconductor capital equipment companies Photon Dynamics, KLA Instruments (now KLA-Tencor) and Nanometrics, He was Chief Scientific Officer at videophone maker Start Signal, Founder of thin film measurement tool maker Transoptics, and Founder, CEO and Chairman of XLOptics, a manufacturer of passive and active optical components for telecom markets.

Trust in Miracles / GodFlower
Booth Number: 355
Exhibitor Website: http://trustinmiracles.com

Renee has been called a “healer’s healer” by the many doctors and therapists who send their most difficult cases her way. During her sessions she penetrates deeply into cellular memory and multidimensional energy fields, releasing disempowering beliefs and thought forms, including prenatal and past life imprints. Renee’s clients are thus freed to access frequencies where they can manifest their highest ideals, being, doing and having in life all that makes their hearts sing.

Universal City Nissan
Booth Number: 601
Exhibitor Website: http://www.universalcitynissan.com/index.htm

Universal City Nissan is the #1 Nissan Altima Hybrid dealership in the world! Easy financing and easy access, located off the 101 freeway off of the Lankershim exit. www.universalcitynissan.com 2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid: The most technologically advanced Altima: features electronically controlled eCVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV), and a 158-hp 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with a 40-hp electric power motor. EPA Estimated 35 mpg city and 33 mpg highway.

USGBC - Los Angeles Chapter
Booth Number: 256
Exhibitor Website: http://www.usgbcla.org/

The U.S. Green Building Council, Los Angeles Chapter (USGBC-LA) is a high-performing nonprofit organization incorporated in 2002 by a motivated and diverse group of individuals with a common interest in environmental conservation.

The USGBC-LA expresses a commitment to making the greater Los Angeles area a better place to live through smarter planning, better public policy, and environmental strategies. The USGBC is the nation’s foremost environmental coalition and innovator of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) sustainability assessment system, working to promote buildings and communities that are environmentally responsible and healthy places to live and work. LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national rating system for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. LEED addresses all building types and emphasizes state-of-the-art strategies in five areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and resources selection, and indoor environmental quality.

Vanguard Identity Protection
Booth Number: 214
Exhibitor Website: http://vanguardidentityprotection.com/

I started my company because of a personal concern over the amount of medical information and personal identity on my prescription medicine bottles. Over the years I have acquired several plastic garbage bags full of these bottles. I looked to the Internet for a solution and could not find one. So as the saying goes “See a Need, Fill a Need”. My target market is anybody that is in their forties or fifties or their parents that are on medication. These bottles are either High Density Polyethylene (HDPE #2 - the white bottle) or Polypropylene (PP #5 the amber bottle). I take the bottles and granulate or shred them up, thereby destroying the medical and personal information. The granules are then resold to a plastics manufacturer for use in their production. This way they are recycled back into the system and they do not wind up in a landfill. These bottles take a very long time to break down if ever in a landfill. HDPE plastic is used for landfill liners. In 2007 the global market for HDPE was 30 million tons and for PP it was 45 million tons. I like to say that “Vanguard is the green solution for your identity protection”.

Booth Number: 647
Exhibitor Website: http://vapur.us/

Vapur is a new foldable, reusable water bottle designed for easy and convenient on-the-go use anywhere. Unlike traditional rigid bottles, Vapur is flexible, which means it stands upright when full and can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty, easily fitting into pockets, purses, packs or briefcases. Vapur has joined the 1% For The Planet program through which we give a portion of all Vapur sales to water-related environmental causes. And we are in the process of working with local communities to make clean tap water more readily available than ever.

Vespa of Los Angeles
Booth Number: 329
Exhibitor Website: http://www.vespaofla.com/

Please visit our booth for details.

Vital Zuman Organic Farm
Booth Number: 529
Exhibitor Website: https://www.vitalzuman.com/

Certified Vital Produce.* Vital Zuman appears at the following area Farmers Markets with the highest quality fresh harvest food : Calabasas Farmers Market Saturday. Santa Monica Farmers Market Sunday. Brentwood Farmers Market Sunday. Santa Monica Farmers Market Wednesday Vital Zuman's appearances at Farmers Markets do change seasonally in accordance with the fresh harvest availability of some of our specific crops, local response, and the available ( and much appreciated ) assistance of willing, interested, and dedicated agricultural volunteers. If you intend to visit any Farmers Market especially to buy Vital Zuman Food only, it is best to call ahead at 310 457-4356 to confirm market and time.

VoiceAmerica™ Network
Booth Number: 511
Exhibitor Website: http://www.TheGreenTalkNetwork.com

The VoiceAmerica™ Network is the World’s leading live Internet Talk Radio Broadcasting company. Our newest channel, “The Green Talk Network”, features programs on the latest eco-conscious trends and lifestyles. This is the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle internet broadcast channel featuring environmental activists, business leaders, inventors, and trendsetters discussing how we can create a more sustainable future.


Wadell & Reed Financial Services
Booth Number: 261
Exhibitor Website: http://www.waddell.com/

At Waddell & Reed, our vision is to help you work toward achieving your financial aspirations. For over 70 years, we have been committed to helping investors develop and work toward financial goals designed to help them realize their life's dreams. We do this by providing personal, comprehensive financial planning and solid investment and insurance products* delivered to you by skilled, well-trained financial advisors.

*Many Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors are able to sell insurance products as agents of various insurance companies through arrangements that Waddell & Reed has made with these insurance companies.

Water Replenishment District
Booth Number: 201
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wrd.org/

The existing and future limitations of water resources in Southern California have resulted in the need for water supplies in the Central and West Coast basins to be managed more efficiently. As the regional groundwater management agency for two of the most utilized groundwater basins in the state of California, the WRD plays an integral role in overall water resource management in southern Los Angeles County . As the population of the region continues to increase, it becomes even more important to maximize the use of both imported and local water sources available to the WRD. The WRD manages groundwater for nearly four million residents in 43 cities of southern Los Angeles County. The 420 square mile service area uses about 250,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year, which equates to nearly 40% of the total demand for water. The WRD ensures that a reliable supply of high quality groundwater is available through its clean water projects, water supply programs, and effective management principles.

Booth Number: 466
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wayi.biz/

At WAYI we choose to support sustainable growth and production by providing natural products that have minimal to no negative environmental impact. For example, bamboo naturally repels insects and therefore pesticides use is not necessary. The dyes used in our products are Azo free (free of hazardous chemicals) and meet the strict environmental standards the Europeans require for dyes. WAYI products are hypoallergenic and are a good option for the chemically sensitive. Not only are WAYI products a sensible choice, they are divinely soft and nurturing next to the skin. Wayi wants to support sustainable agriculture. Wayi is encouraging health and healing through the use of environmentally and people friendly products. Because it is better for the planet. What fabrics we choose to use today, directly impacts how we and future generations will live tomorrow. By not using chemical or high pesticide fabrics Wayi wants to help you and the planet be as Green and Eco friendly as it can. Wayi wants to further exercise our commitment to supporting sustainable resources. Being our customer and taking the time to make informed choices and directly contributing to a better future.

Wells Fargo of California Insurance
Booth Number: 125
Exhibitor Website: https://wfis.wellsfargo.com/

Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, Ill., is the fifth largest insurance brokerage firm in the world, according to Business Insurance magazine, and the largest bank-affiliated insurance brokerage firm in the United States. We provide insurance brokerage and administrative services, as well as a wide range of financial and consulting services to thousands of satisfied customers. Today, we have 200* offices across the nation with more than 9,600* professionals who place more than $15.5 billion* in risk premiums.With Wells Fargo Insurance Services, you get the experience of a large broker with the personal attention and service of a local broker. We offer a remarkable selection of products and services combined with exceptional knowledge in a variety of industries, including property, casualty, benefits, international, personal lines, and life products to provide coverages that satisfy your needs today and in the future.

Wilderness Energy Systems
Booth Number: 319
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wildernessenergy.com/

We are the leading online American distributor of electric bike conversion kits and components. We sell directly to authorized dealers who sell our electric bike kits throughout the United States and even internationally.

Wow Green
Booth Number: 124
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wowgreen.net/dhart

Wow Green International, LLC is the provider of safe, green household cleaners that are sold and distributed to consumers through a channel of independent distributors. The company’s mission is to free the world of toxic chemicals, one household at a time. Wow Green’s products are manufactured from a proprietary blend of enzymes that provide a safe, effective and all natural cleaning solution for every household need. To fulfill the company’s “green promise,” products are packaged in reusable containers and shipped in recyclable paper containers. By working together, we can make the world a safer, cleaner place to live.

Xtreme Green
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Exhibitor Website: http://bigshot.myxg.biz/products/index.html

Xtreme Green™ products are engineered to provide users with superior products that save time, money and energy. We also manufacture our products with environmentally friendly systems and techniques to protect the ecosystem. With over 50 times the film strength of conventional lubricants, our Xtreme Lubrication Technology – XLT takes lubrication to the next level. Unlike conventional lubricants which migrate away from heat and break down under high heat conditions, Xtreme Green™’s XLT lubrication is attracted to and activated by heat. The more heat and friction there is, the more the molecules become super-charged so when Xtreme Green™ XLT lubrication is added to a regular motor oil, it effectively turns a regular lubricant into a super-lubricant. Xtreme Green™’s lubrication technology is used in the Engine Treatment and Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. Xtreme Green™ also understands how vital a vehicle is to how we live today. We are committed to providing the ultimate in protection and performance in remarkably user-friendly applicators and bottles so all you have to do is enjoy the savings and benefits.

Booth Number: 407
Exhibitor Website: http://yes2green.com/

Our products include:

Agri Chemical Free Fruit and Vegetable Bag, OKO Ball Detergent Free Laundry Ball, H5N1 Mask, Blade your ride, Moletech, Rip It – Quick Heal, Nano Energizer, OKO Dishwashing, OKO Shower, OKO Clothes Washer, Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract, OKO Soap Less Sponge


You Are What You Drink
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.thiswaterchangedmylife.com

Kangen water is produced by a revolutionary Japanese water technology that turns your acidic, contaminated and chlorinated tap water into healthier alkaline water that can do wonders for your body.

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Exhibitor Website: http://charmaine.youngevityonline.com/

Youngevity®: A name synonymous with worldwide health, beauty, and youthful energy! For more than 40 years it has been our founder, Dr. Wallach's mission to bring accurate and timely health information to the world.

Your Daily Thread
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.yourdailythread.com

 www.YourDailyThread.com (ydt) was inspired by a simple question: What is there to do in Los Angeles that embraces green and sustainable living, while being entertaining, exciting and connecting me with my community? YDT is here to help with short & sweet articles - Monday through Friday - on how to live a conscious life in L.A. Topics range from eco-fashion to local organic beers, from film festivals to community gardens and more.

Z-ION Cleanse
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Exhibitor Website: http://zionhe.com

Z-ION Cleanse Foot Spa is a self-contained high-tech water detoxification system that enhances the body’s vitality by drawing out toxins, allowing the body to cleanse itself naturally. It is very easy to use and requires no special training.

Booth Number: 646
Exhibitor Website: http://www.zavella.com/

We’re Zavella, a new local company that creates eco-chic apparel and accessories. Our contemporary styles, unique fabrics, and eye-catching designs will meet your fashion needs while exceeding your expectations. And we’re responsive to you, quickly and resourcefully developing clothing our customers demand. We’re serious when we say we want to change the way the world shops for fashion.

Zen's Puple Garden
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Exhibitor Website: http://zenspurplegarden.com

Our mission is to help you relax, perhaps have a romantic evening, and get the best night's sleep you have ever had. We wish to provide the very best quality and most beautifully designed, naturally grown USA and locally made lavender products, and to bring you peace of mind, body and soul. In doing so, with the proceeds form the sales of all products, because we are all connected to nature, our goal is to donate enough money to protect and maintain 100 acres of National and State Parks per year. We are a family-run business and we believe in replenishing nature as much as possible.

Zephyr Electric
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.zephyrelectric.com/

Zephyr Electric is currently developing a series of wind farms and wind ranches across the United States. We have major land holdings in both Wyoming and Nevada that are to be used for wind projects. Additional projects are planned for the states of California, Pennsylvania and New York. Zephyr Electric is also committed to using the most recent technologies to harness the power of the wind. Our effort to date, by our affiliate company the Hyriser Corporation, has been dedicated to exploring design concepts that improve energy capture efficiencies across a wide range of wind speeds. Their latest turbine designs operate economically in wind speeds as low as Class I. We believe innovation is the key to making wind power as cost competitive as conventional nonrenwable energy sources such as coal or oil.

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