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NYC, 04/17/2009 to 04/19/2009: Click here to download full schedule

Remy Chevalier
Website: http://www.remyc.com

Remy Chevalier is editor-at-large and webmaster at Electrifying Times, a magazine dedicated to electric vehicles since 1993. Remy founded the Eco-Saloon at the Wetlands nightclub in 1989, and has assisted in the successful development of hundreds of green products and careers. He is the host of Norwalk Greendrinks in Connecticut, helping other Greendrinks organizers establish themselves around the country. His primary focus is the integration of sustainable fashion, alternative transportation, bioregional farming and innovative technologies. He brought Stanford R. Ovshinsky's nickel-metal hydride patent to Varta and Panasonic, orchestrating the first commercial application of the chemistry, paving the way for hybrids. Remy grew up in the editorial offices of ELLE, a magazine his father created, and hopes its publisher Hachette will soon launch a green fashion title to chronicle all aspects of the green revolution. This year, Remy opened an environmental library called The Aquarium for research purposes, meeting place and direct action.

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