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Conscious Living TV
Website: http://www.consciouslivingtv.com/

Conscious Living means taking responsibility for our experiences and living with awareness to make choices that sustain ourselves, our communities and the planet. While meditating and practicing yoga will get you headed in the right direction, Conscious Living is also about how you shop, eat and live. And it's easier than you think: the next time you visit the mall, forego traditional cotton clothing and choose sassy & sustainable eco-fashion. Instead of buying produce flown half-way around the world, plan weekly visits to your neighborhood farmer's market for locally-grown organic fruits and veggies. Instead of visiting your doctor just to cure symptoms, be proactive about building your long-term health with holistic healing therapies. And most of all, practice becoming a conscious consumer by voting with your spending dollars to support companies that value people and the planet as much as profits.

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