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Green Energy Council
Website: http://www.GreenEnergyCouncil.com

The GEC is a national non-profit trade association comprised of individuals and companies that promote Green (sustainable) forms of energy production, renewable energy sources, sustainable design practices and advanced thinking in utilizing education and information for the promotion of being better stewards of our environment. We are comprised of renewable energy companies, developers, builders, material suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, lending institutions, utilities, installers, designers, manufacturers, engineers, inspectors, consultants and others involved in and out of the green community. Whether you are a solar energy manufacturer, dealer, distributor, contractor, installer, architect, consultant, marketer, GEC membership will provide you with critical information, advocacy, education, and networking opportunities that will grow your business and ensure the long-term success of the sustainable energy industry. At the Federal and state level, we will shape the most successful renewable portfolio standards and other key policies.

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